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99designs unveils business trends for startups and small businesses in 2021

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As every year, 99designs by Vistaprint takes stock of high-growth sectors for startups and small businesses. Through the analysis of the latest creative briefs as well as a study, the platform highlights 4 sectors. In addition, it also indicates the design trends in each of them. Thus, it would appear that in 2021, mushrooms, alternatives to alcohol, digital health services and promotional items are the four emerging sectors. The aim of this report is to learn and understand why these sectors are emerging at this particular time. So, in the context of a health crisis 99design reveals why these sectors are popular in the market.

99designs by Vista Print, a major intermediary between companies and designers

The story of 99design begins in 2008 with a small group of designers looking to challenge themselves. Indeed, they sought to develop their skills around fictitious projects. From this simple challenge was born a much greater adventure. It has given birth to a real market place as well as an online platform. The platform aims to connect designers and companies. It facilitates their collaboration to enable companies to benefit from quality design.

To date, the platform has a new design downloaded every 1.5 seconds. It is also worth more than $200 million in profits generated by artists. In short, the platform works primarily to provide businesses with complete visual identities for businesses. However, it has a global view on all aspects of the economy. It is in this sense that it can take stock and forecast future trends in the various sectors.

To continue to grow positively, the 99design platform was acquired in 2020 by Vistaprint . This acquisition is consistent with the basic mission of 99design. Indeed, it consists of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the implementation of their projects. Indeed, Vistaprint offers them to strengthen their impact through appropriate communication solutions. Thus, the group offers the realization of marketing materials such as display products, personalized clothing, advertising objects, flyers, business cards or websites.

The proposed solution offers companies the opportunity to customize their products with intuitive digital models and tools, or to be accompanied by 99design graphic designers. Thus, 99design and Vistaprint respond to the needs of economic players in a complementary way while having a global look at market trends. It can then affirm sector trends and make forecasts for 2021 regarding the emergence of new markets.

99designs innovation walks digital health
The digital health sector will continue to win in 2021

99 Design deciphers 2021 trends through analysis of creative briefs

Thus, while 2020 has been a complex year with a strong impact on the economy, it has also given way to new trends and new sectors of activity. 99design was able to observe in parallel its own services. Indeed, the platform sees from the beginning, the growth of certain sectors thanks to the tens of thousands of creative projects launched by companies. Therefore 99design sees four sectors stand out more than others.

These include mushrooms, alternatives to alcohol, digital health services and promotional items. Moreover, these sectors are already developing. They should soon invade the market in a long time. If these sectors are exploding, it is above all to meet new needs generated by the crisis in particular. It will be said that for consumers the crisis has been a real awareness about how they consume

Thus, mushrooms are in the spotlight. According to 99design since 2019, the health and wellness market is growing. In 2020, the health crisis has obviously accelerated this trend. Consumers are increasingly turning to healthy eating. According to a study conducted by Corus for 99design, out of 4000 consumers, 62% would be willing to test mushroom products for their health benefits.

Continuing this trend towards a healthier diet, consumers are slowing down their alcohol consumption. Once again, while this trend is not new, it has intensified during the health crisis. In fact, the entire wine economy has found itself in trouble. Thus, there is a real demand for alternatives to alcohol. At 99designs, design applications for alternative beverages have increased by 257% over the past three years.

On the digital health services side, this is the same observation. With the COVID-19 crisis, everything had to be done online. Thus, it was no longer a question of going to his doctor but of doing an online consultation. The world of health has had to adapt to constraints. In this sense 99design claims a 103% increase in projects between 2019 and 2020. And the trend is expected to continue. After a year of living with viruses and its constraints, users get used to it. According to a study 99design 93% of people who used digital health services in 2020 plan to continue to do so in 2021 and even after.

Finally, the last sector that is expected to explode in 2021 is promotional items. Indeed, after a year of constraints without being able to go to the restaurant, the café, or even the gym, consumers can be nostalgic for their favorite places of life. And it is in this context that they realize that these places are dear to them and that they want to support them. This support also involves the purchase of promotional products. According to figures provided by 99designs, 52% of respondents bought a promotional item and among them, 81% of these purchases were intended to support a company during the crisis. In this sense, the crisis has reinforced the sentimental value and emotional dimension between companies and their customers. Objects are therefore the only connections with the places that are missing from them.

Thus, these trends do not come out of nowhere. While for some, they had already begun before the COVID-19 crisis, the context affirmed their legitimacy. For each sector, the forecast for 2021 seems to indicate an explosion. However, to be seen in the long term, whether these trends are simply trends or if they will be permanently anchored in mentalities. In particular, we are thinking about the search for healthy eating and digital health. Let’s leave time to things…


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