In Bordeaux, Volotea literally flies away

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Bordeaux-Mérignac airport is developing well. Today, it is possible to fly to many destinations in France but also abroad, which delights all Bordeaux who want to travel. In addition, they can travel at reduced prices thanks to low-cost airlines, such as Easy Jet, or Volotea, a French airline based in Nantes, created in 2012.

Arriving in Bordeaux in 2012, Volotea connects the metropolis to 28 destinations, including 26 in Europe, and has experienced significant growth in recent years. Indeed, travelling quickly for an affordable price is the best solution for many tourists, who prefer short trips, on a weekend for example, at the expense of long holidays, rarer. Thus, the company perfectly meets the expectations of customers who are many who want to leave… especially with last-minute travel offers at break-even prices. The only downside would be the frequency of some destinations, which offer only one route per week. A problem raised to which the company quickly found a solution: increase the frequency of connections to satisfy as many people as possible on destinations such as Menorca or Cagliari.

The airline can easily afford it: indeed, it has enjoyed a significant growth rate in 2017, and since its Bordeaux location, its flights are full.

Moreover, the forecast for 2018 is more than encouraging, with growth expected of 22%, thanks in particular to the increase in flights across Europe. For many French people, the plane is seen as a fast-track, but also expensive, means of transport. Enough to curb their cravings a little elsewhere. It is this reluctance that Volotea intends to change, by offering cheap flights to encourage more travel by plane.

These changes will also have an impact on the activity of Bordeaux Mérignac Airport: Volotea currently employs 85 people, and this figure will increase by 2018, with the greater need for staff to provide services and the reception of passengers. This is good news for the economy of Neo-Aquitaine and Bordeaux, which is entering a dynamic of growth, both demographic and economic.

The “Belle Endormie” thus becomes a destination of choice, close to Paris thanks to the LGV, but also thanks to the multiplication of destinations served by air, but also the number of flights that departs from Bordeaux! Beyond the influx of travellers, we can guarantee that all efforts will be focused on the necessary absorption of adequate infrastructure.

Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business



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