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Updated on 14 August 2020

On April 6, Actinuum, a consulting and training firm in project management, held a conference followed by workshops in Bordeaux, at the Seeko’o Hotel in Bordeaux, in the Chartrons district. During this conference, to which Bordeaux Business was invited, the firm, freshly based in Bordeaux, presented the management methods to be implemented within companies to improve the common work, according to the different profiles of people who rub shoulders with each other every day, regardless of the sector of activity.

Actinuum has trained more than 2,600 people to date, thanks to the sharing of these methods and the involvement of everyone in workshops, and also offers more than 500 consulting and training actions each year. Innovation, project implementation, management, but also personal coaching help to strengthen everyone’s involvement and communication within the company, change and value creation… These are all areas of intervention in which Actinuum takes part.

Thus, around this conference, the speakers, Laurent FOUACHE and Cécile A. MADELENAT presented some methods and tools to develop the involvement of each at the heart of the company.

The DISC method aims to improve communication in a professional context. It is generally used to better manage conflicts, to know when is the most appropriate time to open a communication but also to allow better collaboration within the teams. This method was invented by an American psychologist, William Moulton Marston in the 20th century and is based on four behavioral dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Compliance.

The communication process is based on 6 different types of profiles to better understand one’s own personality as well as that of the people around us. It allows you to identify in each one its strengths, as well as the motivations, the triggers related to stress… This concept was created by Taibi Khaler in the 1970s, and is now used in certain sectors whose recruitment must be psychologically rigorous, especially for the recruitment of astronauts.

Finally, Actinuum presented the Enneagram method, which is presented in 9 points, for nine different profiles. Each profile thus represents a vision of the world, which creates our person, our beliefs. Thus, we are able to see in each one what are the factors of fulfillment, of virtues, in order to know better others but also to know oneself better. It opens management to tolerance and listening.

Moreover, used in companies, the methods delivered by Actinuum are a real accelerator in everyone’s life, not just at work. Knowing how to talk to others, listen, and understand, allows everyone to flourish better, and thus be more productive and motivated. No doubt Actinuum will be asked in Bordeaux!

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