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Domestic tourism appears to be an engine at the end of the current period. France is the most popular destination for tourists around the world. 89.4 million foreign visitors came to France in 2018, an interesting and encouraging result. However, COVID-19 has been there, and could well impact our country’s international tourism. However, tourism professionals are not worried, and are turning to domestic tourism. Refocus on discovering landscapes closer to home, while contributing to the dynamism of local establishments.

Domestic tourism, a rediscovery of local heritage

France offers multiple and varied landscapes around your home. Although the 100-kilometre travel limit has been lifted, local tourism has been a definite success. A boon for businesses and tourism professionals, who were unable to operate during the confinement. The recovery is therefore crucial, at the dawn of the summer season, which is an essential time of year for tourism. This is especially true for the New Aquitaine region, which attracts visitors from all over the world each year. The post-containment period did not attract foreign visitors, due to a strict international health policy, but rather to locals. This period of recovery allowed the new Aquitaine to move within their territory to discover unique places.

The richness of the greater region makes it possible to offer an important cultural diversity to visitors. Through the twelve departments that make up it there are so many treasures to discover. In order to promote local tourism, the Regional Tourism Committee (LRC) is implementing interesting initiatives. This dynamic is not only short-term, but a long-term approach. More than a solution to make up for an event, it is truly a new way to develop tourism. And for the implementation of these initiatives, the TRC has chosen to partner with AirBNB. The American private rental giant is often a preferred solution for family vacations. This partnership comes at a critical time for the 2020 summer season for the region. The main objective is to energize the region locally, but also internationally.

A dynamism of domestic tourism to enhance the territory

The Regional Tourism Committee and AirBNB have therefore implemented this partnership for New Aquitaine. In order to promote tourism in all departments of the region, the CRT has decided to promote the most unknown destinations. By developing the notoriety of territories such as The Creuse, Corrèze or Haute-Vienne, far from the coasts. Indeed, during the summer holidays, the majority of tourists go to the coast to enjoy the regional climate. This causes a fairly significant disparity in attendance between departments, which this partnership intends to counterbalance. Indeed, the CRT believes that the desires of travellers are changing, influenced by current events. They would thus be more inclined to choose a more confidential destination, far from the bustle of the very touristy territories. A return to the roots, towards a more authentic stay, oriented towards nature and rurality.

These areas, hithert little frequented in summer, may well become the new destinations of the summer. Destinations that may also appeal to foreign tourists in the future. Indeed, the search for new experiences develops trends that need to be explored. Above all, it is an opportunity to create new jobs in tourism, especially in rural areas of the region. This partnership would also allow local officials to have a better visibility of the accommodation offer and regional tourist traffic. A way to evaluate and see the evolution of tourist behaviour for the coming seasons. The dynamism of the New Aquitaine region is no longer to be proven, but the latter wants to discover new territories. Territories that offer treasures to discover, and trades to develop in the tourism sector.

Regional tourism and sustainable tourism, the new good equation?

In recent years, the expectations of tourists during their stay have changed. While relaxing holidays in the sun always have the coast among travellers, new forms of tourism are emerging. This is the case, for example, of the “Slow Tourism” which promotes experience and proximity to nature. It is a form of tourism as close as possible to nature, where homelessness is mainly pedestrian, river or cycling. This new form of tourism in vogue comes from the general awareness of environmental issues. Green destinations are becoming increasingly popular, by local and foreign customers. This is the case for example in the Basque Country, the Poitevin Marsh or the Dordogne Valley. With this new partnership, it is likely that New Aquitaine tourism will develop, also boosting the number of local shops and establishments.

If tourism in New Aquitaine evolves, in the aftermath of the containment, tourism professionals are confident. In Arcachon, a world-renowned seaside resort, hotels and restaurants are already preparing to welcome their guests. This is the case, for example, of thePoint France Hotel,a 4-island hotel located on the front line, opposite the Arcachon Basin.


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