Airbus takes off, on the other side of the Atlantic

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Airbus is no longer a company that is presented, making the reputation of French aeronautics. It designs aircraft for commercial airlines around the world, military aircraft… And even helicopters. Indeed, Airbus supplies many countries such as Germany or the United States. The quality of the products presented in this way is a real decision-making lever for the governments of the countries. Today, Airbus Helicopters, based in Marignane, works closely with the United States. It received a major order for 16 H125 Advanced helicopters, the first of which has just been delivered to Texas.

Airbus, tricolour leader in international aeronautics

This important order has two objectives. Helicopters are used to manage U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s air and sea operations. Security and threat prevention are two key goals for the United States. With these new helicopters, more technologically advanced, and more advanced, this is a real revolution. For more than 30 years, Airbus has been working with AMO (Air and Marine Operations), and has already delivered more than 100 H120 and H125 helicopters. This collaboration was made possible through a partnership with Davenport Airport, led by Leah SIMOES. It is SBA and HUBZone certified, specializing in providing aerospace equipment to government agencies. It also provides federal, state and local agencies. This U.S. fleet upgrade initiative aims to continue over the long term.

The first helicopter was delivered and tested in Grand Prairie, Texas. The rest will be assembled in Colombus, Mississippi, by a workforce made up of 40% veterans. This same team already builds aircraft on a regular basis for the American air force. The U.S. Government is demanding in light of its objectives, and the design of helicopters is no exception. As a result, Airbus has created 30 additional type certificates, linked together to push the final performance. This pushes the boundaries of innovation a little further, in which Airbus already excels. Indeed, the group is the world’s leading helicopter manufacturer, and supplies many countries through its various subsidiaries. A significant advantage to honor all applications, also for civil aviation.

Aviation, the flagship of French industry

The French industry is driven by aviation, and in particular the South of France. Aeronautics and aerospace are two sectors of the future in which France continues to innovate, and through which the country shines. It is an internationalized sector, in which countries around the world place orders. In addition, in all countries, airports allow travellers to travel anywhere with planes. Airports connect countries to each other, and to develop tourism. During COVID-19, aviation and air tourism suffered due to lack of airport traffic. Travel restrictions and containment have forced airports to close their doors. Among them, Bordeaux Mérignac airport was no exception. Activity is gradually picking up, but still remain fragile.

For its part, Airbus Helicopters continues to grow. Already, in 2016, the company had delivered 418 military aircraft, registering an increase of 5% over the previous year. In 2019, Airbus Helicopters recorded 369 gross helicopter orders for a total of more than 7 billion euros. While 2020 is not yet over, events suggest a weaker result than the previous year. Data to watch, to follow developments in global markets…


Airbus – 08/19/2020 – Airbus delivers first of 16 advanced law enforcement H125 helicopters to U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Air Cosmos – 13/02/2020 – Airbus Helicopters maintains its position as a world leader in 2019.

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