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Updated on 22 October 2020

Amazon and Monoprix are two references in sales. The first is a global reference for the online sale of products of all kinds, from sellers of the world. The second is a supermarket chain with more than 800 stores spread throughout the country. The brand employs more than 22,000 people and contributes to the vitality of the city centres in which it operates. To strengthen this vitality, and its reputation, the brand partners with Amazon for the delivery of everyday and food products.

Food delivery via Amazon Prime, the ultra-fast revolution

After a year marked by COVID-19 and forced confinement, many chose to shop online, recovering their order via the Drive. This avoids going to the store, and allows you to receive your order directly loaded into the trunk of your vehicle. Thus, this type of order offers a considerable time saving, and was a reassuring solution for consumers who do not want to cross other customers. Although today, widespread containment is no longer relevant, consumers are expressing new needs, and new desires. This includes being able to order their groceries online, and being delivered to their homes without having to travel. In this dynamic, Amazon excels. The group already offers ordering and delivery of products at home quickly thanks to the Prime subscription. But it wasn’t necessarily about food.

However, the initiative grew, and then brought Amazon and Monoprix together in Bordeaux. These two groups are teaming up to offer a quick delivery service for home groceries. Two years after the launch of the Monoprix store on Amazon Prime Now, the concept is taking hold in the Bordeaux region. For example, the inhabitants of Bordeaux, Talence, Pessac and Mérignac benefit from more than 7,000 references. Among them, 1,600 products from Monoprix brands, ranging from food to hygiene and household maintenance products. Thanks to the Prime Now app, Bordeaux can place their order and receive it quickly at home. Delivery takes place in a two-hour slot, from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays, depending on the area. To date, there are 7 Monoprix stores around Bordeaux, including one on the Arcachon Basin.

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Shopping in supermarkets is a long way off often with Amazon x Monoprix

Revolutionizing the buying habits of Bordeaux consumers

By offering this food delivery solution, Amazon and Monoprix are helping to gain visibility. All this while offering an innovative solution for Bordeaux. Indeed, ordering over the internet prevents travel to stores to make purchases. Amazon, for its part, continues to offer innovations to facilitate product recovery and home orders. Amazon Lockers are lockers located near supermarkets to allow safe delivery. Delivery with Amazon Prime Now provides an additional service to people in cities like Bordeaux, and makes their daily lives easier. It is also a response to an expressed need, to the rapid delivery of often fresh and sensitive food products. During containment, order recovery times were extended due to the influx of requests.

This innovation in order and delivery services marks a great revolution in consumer habits. By offering such a service, Amazon is further establishing its presence on the world market, particularly in Bordeaux. Continuing to extend this concept to other cities is now the next goal, for Amazon and Monoprix. The latter, present in more than 250 cities, intends to continue to develop its reputation.

Benefits for both players

This partnership not only allows bordeaux-based people who want to have their groceries delivered to their homes, but also gives good benefits to both brands. Indeed, on the Amazon side it allows to develop its food offer in the territory. It is true that until then, this aspect was not really the strong point of the group. Thus the brand benefits from thousands of food and everyday products at the same price as in-store while taking advantage of the growing trend for driving in major cities. For the Monoprix brand, this allows to offer a high potential showcase, while benefiting from fast and followed deliveries provided by Amazon. Thanks to the app, customers can follow their order in direct time. Thus, this partnership provides complementary benefits to both brands while meeting the needs of consumers. It will therefore be necessary to follow the latter over the long term to analyze all the positive benefits of this promising initiative.


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The Monoprix Foundation – The Foundation at the heart of the Monoprix Group – Monoprix Company

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