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Since the opening of the Bordeaux office in 2016, Cornet Vincent Ségurel has continued to develop on site by providing solutions and support to professionals who draw on their expertise. The beginning of the year was punctuated by the appointment of Anne PITAULT as Associate Lawyer in Social Law and Professional Activity. Until then, she had been a Director’s Lawyer in the Department of Social Law. 49th Partner of the CVS firm in France, she helps SMEs, ETI and large groups to develop their business and anticipate market developments.

Cornet Vincent Ségurel, expertise and advice on the Bordeaux territory

Founded in 1972 in Nantes by Joel Cornet and Alexandre Vincent, the first Professional Civil Society (SCP) Cornet Vincent represents the beginnings of CVS (whose merger with the Legal Consulting Firm founded by Gérard Ségurel took place officially in 2003, 31 years later). Now based in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Rennes, Bordeaux and Nantes, its headquarters, the Cornet Vincent Ségurel firm covers a wide field of specialties around business law, able to respond to all professional requests. As well present to support companies in prevention or litigation management, the Associate Lawyers of the firm Cornet Vincent Ségurel, including Master PITAULT, are privileged interlocutors for all companies, regardless of their sector of activity.

Experts in the support of insurance law, social law of professional activity, intellectual property, ICT and Innovation, or in the management of competition, contracts, litigation, or mediation, they can respond to any requests. The Bordeaux office is able to support all companies located in New Aquitaine, but not only. Indeed, Master PITAULT can intervene in the support of his clients internationally by bringing his expertise on all his specialties.

Serving businesses and business districts

The Cornet Vincent Ségurel firm, located in Bordeaux, now has ten employees, all of whom have their own speciality, like Master BIARD, who works in particular on issues relating to mergers and acquisitions, taxation and the management of corporate capital. Since the opening of the Bordeaux office, ideally located on Camille Godard Street, the city has evolved and transformed: the creation of new business districts encourages companies to set up shop, but also to develop the influence of large groups such as OVH, or even Betclic, which preferred to move its headquarters to Bordeaux, at the expense of Paris, where it had been until then. Bordeaux is gradually becoming a reference point for international companies, as is Paris, benefiting from an excellent influence linked to its infrastructure and the economic and business development of the city.

Encouraging business influence in Bordeaux

Strategically located, the offices of the Firm Cornet Vincent Ségurel cover the national territory. This allows them to create a climate of trust and closeness with all their customers. An essential confidence for the support and sustainability of his company. Indeed, law firms like CVS are partners of everyday life. The ideal is not to intervene after anticipating difficulties occur.

The intervention of Cornet’s Associate Lawyers Vincent Ségurel not only allows us to carry out the necessary actions in a timely manner. For the company to grow in the best conditions, but also to anticipate future developments. This is particularly the case for the development of new technologies in their sector of activity. New technologies have become indispensable and essential to develop its scope and development. Indeed, the cities where the Firm Cornet Vincent Ségurel has established itself all have the French Tech Label. A testament to local dynamism, strongly promoting the establishment and development of start-ups. In addition, the Label highlights a market where the need for support by competent professionals is essential.

Business creation, digitalisation, the lawyer at the heart

Digital-related developments in the legal profession are also very present. Indeed, the tools of document digitization, management, the collaborative mode… are all digital aids.

A company that is created or developing must call on a lawyer. Whether it is to manage litigation or to exercise a duty of advice, the Lawyer is a partner of everyday life. It helps to anticipate the difficulties the company may face. Often, they see themselves too late when the Business Manager does not react quickly enough. With its experience and the specialties of the Associates, Cornet Vincent Ségurel brings more than just solutions for companies. The Cabinet also builds a relationship of trust with leaders, at the heart of the human being.


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