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BAHIA foreshadows tomorrow’s hospital

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3 projects, 4 actors, 11 years… the Bagatelle 2022 project is shaking up the urban landscape of the Bordeaux metropolis with innovative medical projects and above all of general interest. The BAHIA project is one of these projects. It aims to transform the supply of care in a growing metropolis since the New Aquitaine region will be home to 3 points more than the national average in terms of “65 years and over” by 2020. Indeed, in November 2013 following the signing of the agreement constituting a Group of Health Cooperation of Means (GCS), the Hospital for Training of Armies (HIA) Robert Picqué, located in Talence, made a rapprochement with the Protestant Health House of Bordeaux Bagatelle. THE merger exists and is already operating since joint teams work on a daily basis, with BAHIA this merger must materialize. In fact, 85% of patients are already treated by mixed teams at different sites. This project directly responds to the need to think about the hospital of tomorrow, in a context of development of the Bordeaux metropolitan area. Bordeaux Business was able to attend a visit on 3 July to the first phase of the project in the presence of Geneviève Darrieussecq, Secretary of State to the Minister of Armies, and Christelle Dubos, Secretary of State to the Minister of Solidarity and Health.

BAHIA, a general UTILITY medical project

Already close because of the proximity of their buildings, the MSPB-Bagatelle and HIA Robert Picqué are carrying out their operational rapprochement with the BAHIA project. If their logics are different, their core business remains “healing”. Indeed, the MSPB is a recognized non-profit foundation of public utility that intervenes in the health and medical-social fields. On the other hand, HIA Robert Picqué retains specific missions of the Health Service. In concrete terms, the BAHIA project relies on a localised care offer, the aim of which is to ensure the sustainability and development of territorial activity.
The project of general interest allows the State, here represented by Fabienne Buccio, Prefect of Gironde, to make the right, in a local urban planning plan, the consideration of interests beyond the territorial limits of a commune. Thus, this future “House of Consultations” must bring together 1,400 employees, 450 beds and 350 hospital places for an institution maintained in sector 1, i.e. without exceeding fees in order to respect societal aspects.

In addition, the establishment is part of a logic of stratification and nesting of buildings. This is why the focus has been on monitoring and project management. The aim is to capitalize on complementarities within this military and civilian establishment. The genesis of the project comes from the government’s SSA 2020 plan dedicated to the health service of the armed forces. The BAHIA project intervenes on one of the following points: to increase the cooperation of health resources. Technically, this will result in a transfer of most medical and surgical activities into BAHIA.

BAGATELLE 2022, a cross-cutting approach still in the making

The BAHIA project, part of the Bagatelle 2022 plan, is preparing a rapprochement between the private and public sectors. The project’s financial partners bear witness to this: the cross-cutting of the territories is privileged. For example, the European Investment Bank lent 35 million euros out of the 90 million needed for the project. Behind this staggering figure, the interest is of course to save money by pooling resources and resources.

The 2018-2023 regional health scheme places at the heart of its actions the need of people at the heart of the medical supply. In particular, it highlights the fact that the Aquitaine Regional Health Agency (ARS) is looking for territory projects centered on an innovative patient journey. While the BAHIA project aims to embody one of the main health centres of the Bordeaux metropolis, its construction is not unimpeded as it requires a modification of the Local Urban Plan. Finally, it is a very important project for the south of the Bordeaux agglomeration, which is facing an extraordinary development with the completion of the Euratlantic project.

By refocusing the skills, the means and the technical platforms, the consolidation of the MSBP and HIA Robert Picqué entities appears to be part of the Bagatelle 2022 objective and focuses on a rapprochement between the public and private sector. The aim is to facilitate the patient’s journey and improve the quality of the work of medical teams. In the making since 2012, the BAHIA project is not only optimistic as some fear a levelling down of the care supply at the expense of the underlying economic stakes. Behind the BAHIA project and more generally Bagatelle 2022, the Bordeaux metropolis plays the question of its territorial attractiveness.

Justine Angibaud


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