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Chalet Gourmand or Oh Marché offer their takeaways in the Ange bakery in The Teste-de-Buch. A solidarity initiative carried out by the network of franchises to 171 bakeries. If bakeries remain open, not all restaurateurs have the opportunity to set up a take-out service, especially since the consolidation of shops also helps to limit travel.

Tartines Jambon Cornichon Cheese Angel Restaurateur Takeaway
Angels bakeries offer takeaways from their fellow restaurateurs.

Overcoming the health crisis in food, the choice of Angel

Beyond the marketing aspect of such an announcement, it is above all for the Angel franchise an initiative that allows it to affirm its values. First of all, as close as possible to consumers, by continuing, in accordance with health rules, to support local food.

Secondly, the integration of the takeaways of their fellow restaurateurs in the shop windows reminds us that the local economy is above all a fragile, interdependent ecosystem. A little practical and useful solidarity doesn’t hurt. At the Teste-de-Buch, for example, the Ange Emmanuel LAMARSAUDE franchisee has been welcoming the small dishes of two other gourmet brands into its shop windows since November 2. Oh Marché, at The Teste-de-Buch, usually offers its dishes in the heart of the municipal market of The Teste, with regional products, seasonal, and ultra fresh.

Gourmet presentation of the oh Marché restaurant in La Teste de Buch

Chalet Gourmand, in Gujan-Mestras, is also invited to the Angel showcase. This Gujanese tea room, a veritable cavern of the treasures of gluttony, is also accessible by order, by drive or for home delivery.

Proceeds from take-out sales are fully donated to partner restaurateurs. An initiative proposed in the windows of all Angel franchises

It is our way of being in solidarity with the local trade and of supporting our fellow restaurateurs and entrepreneurs with whom we share many things.

François BULTEL, ceo and co-founder Ange

Angel outlets:

From digital to solidarity, back to basics

Not all restaurateurs will get through this crisis. Hard-hit by the closures of the first wave, and the decline in tourism in some regions,

A grumbling, even despair, as Chef Philippe ETCHEBEST regularly mentions. While some restaurateurs have been able to pass the digital mark, speeding up the implementation of delivery or takeaway sales, especially with Ubert Eats or Just Eat, is not enough. At most it allows to “limit the break” … When business models and the cost of commercial funds rely on a wider clientele, in the dining room, in groups… A clientele that consumes and accompanies drinks dishes in particular.

Dessert takeaway Ice Cream Angel Restaurateur Angel
Chocolate takeaway dessert offered by partner restaurateurs in the windows of Ange bakeries

Some have been able to go further in the model of restoration. They offer a real culinary experience at home, such as the Cent33, which offers to buy its famous ceramic crockery. A way to rediscover the charm of the restaurant in its interior. Others, beyond the crisis, had been able to think of a specific model. In bakery in particular, by reducing installation costs, with extremely small product surfaces. This is the case for the P’tite Bakery. Limiting loads is a key element of survival.

However, despite the aid promised and paid by the State, it is difficult to envisage the restaurant sector recovering after this crisis as intense as it is lasting… Gourmet France may not have the same flavour⁻s flavour anymore… Unless the solidarity initiated by each other opens the way to the emergence of cooperatives or other forms of management, preserving the independence of restaurateurs while allowing them to face the vagaries of their business.

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