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At a time when spring promises beautiful sunny days, the desire to spend more time outdoors, with Bed and Philosophy, is tempting. Like a desire for holidays, relaxation and relaxation, in a context where you have to stay at home. The opportunity to rearrange its interior, like a great spring cleaning. The Bed and Philosophy brand offers a cocooning break, to think about the coming summer. Specializing in furnishings, it reinvents indoor and outdoor furniture. A true invitation to tranquillity.

Bed and Philosophy, reinventing its interior with quality furniture

The current period is particularly conducive to new development and redevelopment. While the good weather has arrived, the famous spring cleaning is in order. The perfect opportunity to choose new elements that will decorate its interior. A way to finish containment on a high note. If it was not possible to move around the interior design signs, the brands remained accessible on the internet. Among them, the brand Bed and Philosophy proposes to reinvent its interior with linen creations. It is a light material, much appreciated in summer because of its lightness. France is also the first European nation to grow flax used in textile manufacturing. A natural material, therefore, which is totally in line with the dynamics of adopting a greener policy.

The confinement, which lasted several weeks, forced the French to stay at home every day with little possibility of travelling. Changing the layout of your living room at least once a season is, according to interior designexperts, a way to reinvent yourself. This allows to give a new atmosphere to the living room, while following the evolution of the seasons. Thus, flax, for example, perfectly follows the spring/summer seasons. Furniture is becoming less and less cumbersome, too, to make it easier to move around the house. At the same time, the materials used make it possible to be more environmentally friendly, with greener materials. Some designers like Philippe Starck even embark on the production of luxury furniture totally vegan. He took up this challenge by creating a full range of apple leather sofas.

A range of furniture designed for the Outdoor

For all those who own a garden, the arrival of summer is an opportunity to rearrange its exterior. To enjoy afternoons in the sun, with family, the brand Bed and Philosophy has created sofas suitable for outdoor use. No hard structure for more lightness, these sofas are also made of natural materials. Thus, they are easily washable, and resist over time. The coatings are treated to withstand extreme temperatures and climatic hazards. Thus, the objective of brands specializing in outdoor furnishings is to offer products that do not move over time. The “slow sofas” as they are called allow you to enjoy its outdoors at best, on the terrace or by the pool. They can combine to create a relaxing space for themselves, adapted to its configuration and the number of people.

Relaxation is at the heart of current concerns, and the design is now intended to adapt to all spaces. The democratization of bespoke furniture now allows us to meet the needs of all. This is especially useful in a city like Bordeaux where it has more balconies than gardens. Companies specializing in the design of outdoor furniture in Bordeaux are also present, like Buxus Design. This Bordeaux company produces only outdoor furniture for both gardens and balcony design. This company will also open a showroom ideally placed in the heart of the Triangle d’Or in Bordeaux from July 18th. A way to discover his creations and the arrangements already made in lush places, from Arcachon to Bordeaux…

The creation of natural furniture, towards an eco-responsible outdoor and indoor model

In recent years, designers have been creating new trends for interior design. A concern is the creation of designers: reducing the ecological footprint of furniture creation. Thus, like Kraken Concept, a workshop located in Bordeaux, the production respects certain essential commitments. Today, they produce furniture with natural materials, from local suppliers. This helps to limit the progress made by resources, and thus reduce pollution. For the majority of products created by Kraken Concept, wood is used.

In New Aquitaine, the wood covers nearly 2.8 million hectares,with more than 15 different species. Enough to create many ranges to meet the needs of all. The use of sustainable resources is also exploited by other artisans, such as Goat Lab Furniture. This Bordeaux-based company also specializes in creating bespoke furniture for businesses and individuals. It relies on the use of local wood to reduce its ecological impact.

The creation of indoor or outdoor furniture is a growing business. Sensitive to respect for the environment, companies and individuals do not hesitate to turn to more natural creations. These creators, passionate and specialized in their activity, evolve their realizations in the course of trends. When it comes to custom-made pieces, it’s easy to have a unique arrangement. A way to deal with his tastes, his space, and to be able to vary according to his desires …


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