Bentley, conquering the French and Bordeaux market with the Bentayga

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When you think of the luxury car, the reference to the Bentley brand is immediate. Indeed, the English brand created in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley had the aim of offering superior cars in terms of performance to those already existing at the time, to become the best in their class. A winning bet for this visionary: Bentley attracts high-level automotive sportsmen, adventurers at heart, or entrepreneurs, as well as people who like to dream or have imagination. This brand has seduced beyond english borders, and the craze that has endured for 100 years is not about to stop. Considered the company offering the “best cars in the world”, Bentley competes both on the starting grids of major car races and on shows dedicated to luxury cars. In a hundred years, the brand has evolved, and continues to offer services that were already dreaming at the time, but in line with the goals of today’s drivers.

The Bentayga Hybrid, the world’s first luxury hybrid vehicle

If 100 years ago Walter OWEN already created the best cars in the world, the tradition still lives on. The brand’s ambition is to offer new and successful models by combining both Bentley’s DNA aesthetics, as well as the performance and functions sought by motorists.

For Bentley’s centennial anniversary at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show (Switzerland), visitors and high-end car enthusiasts from around the world have discovered the Bentayga Hybrid, Bentley’s newest addition. A new SUV combining luxury, performance and responsible driving, because, as the name suggests, the Bentayga Hybrid offers hybrid driving mode. If the English brand had first changed the codes of the SUV by reinventing the design of its new vehicle, it achieves a new masterstroke by offering the very first hybrid luxury model in the world. The lines have been carefully worked, in order to offer its driver a unique experience combining serenity and comfort. The interior of the cabin offers a comfortable seat for optimal driving, coupled with the insulation of the cabin and the silence of the electric. On the outside, the “Hybrid” badges on the sides of the vehicle and at the rear clearly indicate the positioning while retaining Bentley’s own codes. Its V6 petrol engine has been carefully studied to achieve as little emissions as possible, and this is again mission accomplished: over about 25 km, you will be guaranteed not to cause any CO2 emissions. In general, the Bentayga Hybrid is one of the hybrid models on the market with one of the lowest CO2 emission rates to date.

A gesture for the environment coupled with Bentley quality

While the Bentayga Hybrid is a great promise in terms of driving condition and fuel consumption, it’s still a Bentley. Bentley is above all the power of an engine and a ratio of time to speed more than interesting. This point was not overlooked by the brand, propelling the Bentayga Hybrid from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.2 seconds, and allowing it to reach a top speed of 254 km/h. But for Bentley, the emphasis is primarily on driving comfort, with the possibility of using three different driving modes, meeting the needs of all drivers: Hybrid mode always allows you to select the best source of energy to use according to traffic conditions, for optimal performance. This allows the electricity to be conserved without causing as much emissions as a “classic” model. The second mode, Hold, retains the vehicle’s electrical energy. Finally, the EV mode allows electric use exclusively, the power of the 348V high voltage dual voltage battery producing 13 kWh of usable energy for a silent ride. Thanks to the charging stations at home, the car can be charged at night, or thanks to the fast charging stations in only 2:30.

Bentley is also a brand that emphasizes the technological performance of its latest models, for a fully connected comfort management: the interior temperature, the monitoring of the state of the vehicle load, or the monitoring of consumption are fully accessible from a smartphone. In short, nothing is left to chance for the Bentayga Hybrid, which sets the tone and marks Bentley’s entry into the hybrid era.

Between environmental awareness and the benefits of hybrid models, consumers are determined to turn to hybrid driving. So for all lovers of luxury cars who want an exceptional experience, the Bentayga Hybrid is for you. For more information, please contact your Bentley Dealer.


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