Eating better, between culinary experience and health

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Eating out of restaurants or out of the home in a professional or personal setting has become commonplace. According to a 2018 Statista report on 1,025 people in France, 32% of them attend a restaurant near their home or workplace between 2 and 10 times a year. 19% visit once a month, and 13% two to three times a month. A professional appointment, a meal to celebrate an event or just a fun meal to change habits, the restaurant is a popular place for the richness of its menu. Family meals at the end of the year do not slow down the filling rate of restaurants, but this one evolves differently, especially in Bordeaux where addresses are seeing their attendance increase more and more.

Eating better, a pleasure more than a duty

The meal in the restaurant is a real moment of relaxation, a pleasure even, where one can afford to consume food and products that are out of the ordinary. In Bordeaux, everyone can find their own way, from the most traditional French cuisine to Italian cuisine, Asian cuisine or fine cuisine, there is plenty to choose from for all taste buds. But in recent times, consumer behaviour has begun to evolve into a new, healthier mode of consumption. Far from the richer “fast” food, “healthy” restaurants have the wind in their sails. Vegetarian food, fresh dishes cooked on site, this type of establishment does not deplete. And for good reason: the concern for animal welfare, and the choice to consume less red meat, take a significant place in the lives of many French people.

Gourmet establishments as close to your health as possible

In Bordeaux, for example, establishments such as VJ Cantine offer healthy and fresh vegetarian dishes with local produce, at affordable prices and with the flavours of the world. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to local and reasoned food, where the food on offer will come from local producers, not from the other side of the world. A way to make a gesture for the environment while making fun by making the producers live.

This is true on a daily basis: according to a study conducted by OBSOCO (Observatory Society and Consumer Affairs) conducted in December 2017, 82% of French people said they were more careful about their diet. Better quality products, bought in grocery stores rather than supermarkets, consumption of fresh produce at the expense of prepared products described as “industrial”, new consumption in France is growing. This is also partly due to the desire to consume better to be healthier,and to prevent disorders related to overweight and associated diseases (diabetes, cholesterol, …).

Looking for a culinary experience

Beyond the reasoned dimension, eating in a restaurant is also a moment in its own right in the daily life of the French. In 2019, the city of Bordeaux was crowned the third best-eating city in France, behind Paris and Lyon, and that’s not to say. Between fine and even gourmet restaurants and healthy addresses, the city has been able to prepare itself to offer a unique experience to its customers. This concept particularly appeals to the latter, who choose an establishment also for the culinary experience they want to experience during their meal.

Indeed, in an establishment like “LA” Table d’Hôtes, run by Chef Philippe ETCHEBEST and awarded a Michelin star in 2018, the experience is unique: the Chef and his cooks prepare dishes in front of customers, in an intimate place… in front of the kitchens! Seasonal cuisine, refined and tasty, all the ingredients are there to delight the taste buds. For smaller budgets, the Fourth Wall, also run by Chef ETCHEBEST, offers its experience between gastronomic flavours and unusual settings, in the heart of the Bordeaux Opera House. Other restaurants also offer experiences, such as the combination of original foods, and a clean concept, such as One hundred33, awarded with a “Bib Gourmand” which proposes to share dishes between the diners of a table, to discover more flavors, or theArcada offers a unique décor and strong and neat flavours for an unforgettable culinary journey.

Refocus on the essentials

In these types of establishments, the cards are deliberately reduced to focus more on the balance of flavours than on the quantity and variety of choices, allowing cooks and the Chef to design new dishes more often, thus offering his customers a quality menu with dishes constantly changed.

But the experience can also be much more accessible and classic, like the Halle Boca and its food court that has been talking about it since its inauguration in October 2018. Consisting of 14 dining corners and a large room with tables and chairs, it allows guests to eat quickly, and to taste cuisines offering different themes: seafood, pizzas, gluten-free cuisine, Asian … Created in the 1970s and particularly well known in Asia and America, these food courts were very present in shopping malls, allowing customers to eat quickly and have more choices.

Today, they delight individual customers as professionals: the speed of service is combined with the variety of choices. Indeed, there is no need to wait for a table to be released or for its dish to be served: it is prepared at the customer’s request as soon as the customer orders at the counter. It also allows you to eat with friends or colleagues who have not ordered in the same corner as yourself, which is not the case if each corner was a restaurant in its own right.

Health starts with eating well.

Consumers take care of their food, whether in their daily lives or during their outings to restaurants. Healthier, more balanced, seasonal, and local, their lifestyle gradually changes and this is felt directly on the offers offered by the various establishments. Fast, not necessarily very expensive and tasty the choice of establishments allows to meet the constraints of the professional environment. And if the customer doesn’t want to move or doesn’t have the time, the dishes can come to him, with some healthy meal delivery chains tailored to each person’s diet, delivered directly to the workplace. Eating better has never been easier!


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