Big Fernand in Bordeaux, the french-style gourmet burger

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A French premium burger restaurant chain, Big Fernand is moving closer to the fast-food concept and offers high-end burgers made from Tomme de Savoie or Morbier with raw milk. Created only seven years ago, Big Fernand has conquered the fast food market with its high-end dishes and its own world. The chain is now present in many countries around the world thanks to its network of franchisees, and is soon opening a brand in Bordeaux.

The French increasingly greedy burgers

From the American symbol to the French touch, in 2017, burger consumption has “historically” surpassed that of the ham-butter sandwich more than 1.5 billion units sold. According to the research firm Harris Interactive, more than 58% of French people report eating burgers at least twice a month, and 20% at least once a week. Surfing this wave of enticing smells, Big Fernand announces the opening of its first restaurant in Bordeaux, not far from the Place du Parlement.

The “hamburgé” has really integrated into French eating habits, although revisited. There are no more restaurants offering burgers that cleverly replace cheddar with the county or camembert, or dethrone the mythical bun, the usual burger bread, thanks to the authentic baguette bread. Even the big fast-food chains such as McDonald’s or Burger King are seduced with French cheese recipes, the yellow M brand even offering a McBaguette.

Away from fast food, a gourmet and gourmet pleasure

Burgers are no longer limited to “bad food” but are inspired by haute cuisine. Burgers with foie gras or alsace county with a choice of great vintages for example, are all “premium” proposals   à la carte in order to differentiate and reach the heart (or stomach) of gourmets.

Five Guys, Steak N Shake or Upper Burger are just a few examples of new restaurant chains skilfully playing between traditional fast food and restaurant. These new players understood that they had to reach a clientele that was both accustomed to the speed of service, inseparable from the burger spirit, but increasingly sensitive to the quality of the products served on the plate, as well as to the diversity and originality of the recipes.

From the round “tote” to the Americanized baguette, the French restaurant continues to diversify, mixing the cultures of the palate, like the sustainable installation of Asian gastronomy, in the décor of the “French Bouffe”.




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