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Black Girl Ventures and NIKE, a fight for economic empowerment

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Alongside Black Girl Ventures, NIKE is fighting to promote access to entrepreneurship for black American women. When we talk about NIKE, we think of sport. Yes, NIKE is an American company specializing in the manufacture of sporting goods. However, when you get a little more interested, the brand is much more than that. By taking part in various actions and partnerships, she has become a real player within American society, but also thanks to her influence, all over the world.

Promoting inspiring values, focused on inclusion, cultural openness, acceptance and self-improvement, the vision of the brand is closely linked to that of sport. It helps make the world a better place. Recently, NIKE has established a partnership with Black Girl Venture (1). This partnership supports the economic empowerment of the black community. Thus, for purists, wearing or buying NIKEmeans contributing and taking part in commitments to just causes. The swoosh on the jersey or shoe conveys many messages. It carries each follower of the brand in the elevation of oneself but also of society.

NIKE, more than a brand, a state of mind

The NIKE brand is an ally for many athletes. With its quality, innovative and high-performance products, it accompanies runners, basketball players, footballers, tennis players and golfers. Thus, its mission is to offer each athlete inspiration and innovation. It wants to do everything in place to develop human potential. In keeping with the values of sport,it also aims to convey equity, teamwork, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance and respect. In this sense, it creates innovative, ever more sustainable sports products by building a creative and diverse global team. The brand’s strategy is to have a positive impact in society by bringing the world around through sport.

Thus, one of the great struggles of the brand, if we cannot say, the noblest, is equality. It makes sense in the Black Girl Ventures and NIKEpartnership. It must be said that the brand aims to be a company of purpose, growth and innovation. Through its activity, the company implements a strategy to promote an inclusive culture. Indeed, for NIKE, the beauty of sport lies in breaking down the barriers that divide every athlete, or more generally every human being. Sport has that power. It helps to unite and inspire the world to move communities.

Common Thread, the NIKEseries, deals with this topic. It shows that anything can happen when every athlete fights to make him think right. Indeed, every athlete,is not just an athlete with his performances. It is also an engine of social change in the world. Black American athletes like Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, fight in their careers and alongside Nike for their beliefs or rights in society. In this sense, NIKE, is establishing a partnership alongside Black Girl Ventures.

The company that cultivates inclusion, empowerment and respect with a score of 100 on the annual Business Equality Index for 18 years continues its journey to make the world a better place.

Ingrid Silva and Alex Thomas, Narrated by Serena Williams | Common Thread | Nike

Black Girl Ventures X NIKE, a strong commitment to a better society

The Black Girl Ventures X NIKE partnership further strengthens the brand’s engagement in the black community. As part of its commitment, NIKE supports organizations focused on social justice, education and economic opportunities for black Americans. With Black Girl Venture, this new partnership aims at economic empowerment. Economic empowerment is also a mission supported by the U.N. The mission aims to promote women’s work on the road to gender equality, the eradication of poverty and the growth of an inclusive economy.

Thus, NIKE, commits to invest $500,000 in the cause of Black Girl Ventures. The foundation’s mission is to support black women in their entrepreneurial project within society (2). NIKE’scontribution is closely supported by the Black Girls CODE, NAACP Empowerment Programs and the NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund, Inc.

This opportunity allows NIKE to get more and more involved in the fights that are dear to its heart. For Black Girl Venture,this is a great opportunity to showcase their actions, the development of their infrastructure and their visibility. However, NIKE does not stop there. With a valiant heart, nothing impossible. The brand will expand its local investments in 2021. The aim is to stimulate all actions that have an impact with the black community. In addition to existing Black Girls CODE , NAACP Empowerment Programs and LDF ,NIKE, Inc. will continue to support community partners such as the Jackie Robinson Foundation, Peace Players and the National Civil Rights Museum.

nike black girl ventures and partnerships
Nike, Inc. Partnerships Photograph: NIKE, Inc.

Investments and commitments are not about to go away since athletes are also committed to the cause. The Jordan brand and Michael Jordan have committed an additional $100 million over 10 years. The aim is to focus on social justice, economic justice, education and awareness.

Thus, the company NIKE, offers a vision of the right company. By being one of the most influential companies in the world, it has rightly found its place. Joining NIKEalso means adhering to the dream of a just society where everyone finds their place. By erasing the pure promotion of its products to highlight its commitments, NIKE manages to bring together athletes as well as all the communities that are fighting in society. Sport in the service of entrepreneurship and a better global life is not a dream, it is a reality. To put a step in the NIKE community, the Bordeaux Nike Factory Store opens its doors to all confirmed and unselected sportsmen.


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