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Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the local dimension is more important and central than ever. Indeed, consuming products from local agriculture allows both to consume good products… But also to support small local producers, affected by the current crisis. Producers very involved in growing healthy products, respectful of health and the environment. To continue to promote these key players, the Association Bleu Blanc Coeur promotes common values with producers including New Aquitaine.

A sustainable agricultural approach for a secure future

Consuming better, while supporting local agriculture, is a constant challenge for producers and consumers. For example, the association Bleu Blanc Coeur has set up an agricultural approach to raise awareness of “eating well” and respect for animals and land for more than 20 years. The actors of the association are committed to the field to build a world in which it is possible to feed themselves while respecting animals, the environment and health. Each at their own level, they work to make more connections and meaning between the different actors.

The environment and questions about ecology are also subjects to be exploited by companies. Indeed, making sense of your marketing and work through environmental issues can pay off. The integration of sustainable development into the company brings many benefits such as the valuation of the company, the reduction of certain costs but also the reduction of the pressure that this subject exerts on companies. Thus, in 2019, between 8 and 9 out of 10 French people declare themselves sensitive or very sensitive to the environment (1). As a result, consumers feel more concerned about the actions of companies and therefore value or boycott those that do not fit into their beliefs.

Tomatoes local culture
The Blue White Heart Association shares values with its producers. Respect for health, local eating, product and animal health.

Connecting French farmers, serving the local

The networking of breeders, farmers and other players allows more than 15,000 active players in France to exchange. This allows for both exchanges on practices on both the “Agro” and “Pharma” domains. Thus, all these actors bring knowledge, experiences and advice in order to participate in collective awareness, in all sectors of the French economy. Indeed, promoting the short circuit, the made in France allow to support local activity. In addition, communicating about respect for land and animals in agriculture is one of the association’s main objectives. Thus, already 77% of French people prefer to buy local products, offered by producers close to home (2).

In New Aquitaine, Philippe Baudoin, a dairy cow farmer, is part of the association Bleu Blanc Coeur. He makes every effort to participate in the “eating well” of French consumers… While caring for the feeding of her cows as well as their health and well-being. Thus, it develops various and quality products, such as a wide range of cheeses with several variations: nature, seaweed and marine cristes.

The development of associations such as Bleu Blanc Coeur allows consumers to find committed local producers. Committed to an environmental dimension, a reasoned agriculture, with a focus on the welfare of their animals and their land. This situation is all the more central because in this time of pandemic, where more than ever, local consumption is a priority.


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  1. 79% of French people think that the geographical origin of a product is paramount (19 November 2019)
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