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Bordeaux: a marked salary absenteeism in 2020 in the region

Is absenteeism much more present since the beginning of the pandemic in the workplace? It seems that covid-19 has largely upset habits employees, especially with their jobs. The unprecedented health situation has taken many companies by surprise, which have adapted their operation to continue to have an activity. This adaptation includes the implementation of teleworking, forcing employees to work “alone” from home. From the point of view of the latter, the period was also perceived as complicated, with lockdowns, and a decrease in direct contact with employees.

Wage absenteeism more present in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Depending on the region of France, some are more represented by absenteeism. This is particularly the case in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, which is one of the most affected by this phenomenon. For 5 years, Gras Savoye Willis Towers Watson has followed the path of more than 350,000 employees, from 671 companies of different sectors and sizes. Since 2016, the country has experienced an increase in absenteeism of around 20%, a situation that raises important issues.

At the heart of the general increase throughout the country, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is the most affected by employee absenteeism, with a share of 5.1% of the national total… As well as an increase of 16% compared to 2019, which is not negligible. This trend, despite the lockdowns, was still present. Not being present in your workplace throughout the year, a phenomenon destined to spread?

Burn-out, difficult situation in the company, sick leave … Absenteeism in companies is spreading. This situation, already encountered by many employees, and their bosses, continues to increase. Covid-19 has encouraged these stoppages during professional activity, especially with the context of confinement. Indeed, the compensation measures allowed employees with, for example, children to declare themselves on sick leave to take care of them. In 2020, the number of sick leaves increased by 25% for this reason alone.

In Bordeaux, companies make every effort to guarantee the well-being of employees. Adjustments in working time, more flexible on a hybrid mode of operation, redesigned offices for more space and comfort… This, in order to promote the return to the workplace, by reducing the number of work stoppages and therefore absenteeism.

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Absenteeism is felt in all sectors of activity.

Sectors impacted by the situation

Absenteeism affects many sectors of activity, as well as almost all regions of France. The health sector, the most in demand during the Covid-19 pandemic,recorded one of the highest absenteeism rates. In particular, the sector has a share of absenteeism of 9.59% in 2020, an increase of +26% compared to 2019. Under pressure since March 2020, with the surge in cases in hospitals, and the mobilization without delay of all the caregivers available in the country… This sector of activity has been put to the test. This leads to an increase in sick leave, in particular.

The only sector to experience a decline in absenteeism is unsurprisingly the Hotel, Coffee and Restaurant sector. Impacted by the closure of all establishments during the lockdowns, due to sanitary measures, no activity… Or at least, a much more restricted activity, with the implementation of delivery or take-away service, to stay in business. Indeed, the absenteeism rate in 2020 was 5.01% against 5.19% in 2019.

Finally, the Services and Communication & Information Technology sector was the least affected overall, with a much more limited increase in absenteeism. The possibility of teleworking thus makes it possible to be in a more favorable environment, to move or even to go abroad. A practice that many employees have adopted during summer holidays.

Undoubtedly, the return to more normal activity will offset this significant increase. In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, as elsewhere, the resumption of school for children will make it possible to revive the work of salaried parents, encouraging them to adopt a more flexible and hybrid rhythm. Work is evolving, and learning from the Covid-19 pandemic.


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