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Bordeaux: Quai Neuf, an ambitious real estate program

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A new real estate project is starting to see the light of day in Bordeaux: the Quai Neuf. At the entrance of the metropolis, this large-scale program contributes to developing the face of the “Sleeping Beauty”. No doubt, the metropolis is indeed awake, and continues to propose new large-scale projects. Attract new businesses, but also offer more accommodation solutions to residents. For years, the city has been renewing itself, transforming its neighborhoods. A clever mix between ancient and modern, at the service of its attractiveness and reputation throughout the world…

Quai Neuf at the gates of the Bordeaux metropolis

Bouygues Immobilier and Sogeprom are still involved in the development of Bordeaux’s real estate landscape with this brand new real estate programme. Indeed, the two manufacturers are not at their first program out of the ground in the region. This time, Quai Neuf will be a mixed operation, combining commercial real estate and housing. In total, more than 770 homes for the inhabitants of Bordeaux, but also a building dedicated to businesses… As well as twenty shops to energize the life of this “new district”.

Located quai de Brienne, this ambitious real estate project will be located in the heart of the city, where the economic dynamism is most. The neighborhood has evolved greatly for years, with nearby the very famous Euratlantiquedistrict. The latter, composed of offices, attracts many companies looking for space in a dynamic metropolis.

The Quai Neuf project will not be delivered until the 2nd quarter of 2024. But it is part of the same objective as the other districts already inaugurated in recent years. Neighbourhoods that respond to current issues, all of which are important in the city. Indeed, Bordeaux is not only a city that is part of a process of modernity and attractiveness… It is also a city that is betting on building its new neighborhoods on a more virtuous, more responsible model.

There are therefore many opportunities to develop the Bordeaux real estate market, by choosing to set up large-scale projects. The Quai Neuf fits perfectly into these projects, with an approach that is ecological, dynamic, and creates additional housing. Between construction of residential buildings, buildings for companies, or shops and living spaces in the heart of the city… Bordeaux reinvents itself every day.

Quai Neuf real estate program
The programme will be on the banks of the Garonne – Source Bouygues Immobilier

Building on green programs for the future

The new real estate programs in Bordeaux all have one thing in common: that of bringing more ecology. Indeed, they fulfill objectives that the metropolis advocates, such as the use of more responsible materials for construction. Thus, wood,glass and other materials are more readily used and valued to build the real estate programs of tomorrow.

The Quai Neuf residential building will thus rise over 17 floors; with a breathtaking view of the Garonne and the whole city. This is reminiscent of the first programs announced in residential, namely the Hyperion and Silva towers. The two towers were indeed the very first to be made mostly of wood. Quai Neuf will not appear in the ranking of the tallest wooden towers in France… But it will be one of the real estate programs of the ecological and energy transition of Bordeaux.

Indeed, Quai Neuf is a sustainable project. In particular, it promotes flexible mobility, so that residents can access all services without using their vehicle. Or by having a means of public transport nearby. This greatly facilitates the lives of residents, but also brings more comfort and added value to life in these neighborhoods. This type of design is found in other programs on the Right Bank of Bordeaux. In addition, the district also offers green areas, islands of greenery to give more space to the ecosystem in the very heart of the district.

Trees, parks, and green spaces on more than 6500 m² then bring this touch of greenery so precious in the new programs. In general, real estate programs are seen as programs that raze wooded or green areas to build buildings. Bordeaux proposes the opposite, namely to raze un occupied or poorly responsible neighborhoods, to rebuild and integrate more vegetation into the heart of the city. A program that already seduces, with housing from the studio to the T5 …


Bouygues Immobilier and Sogeprom launch “Quai Neuf”: a new city entrance to Bordeaux! Press release of August 31, 2021

Quai Neuf Bordeaux Program Lodge

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