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Bordeaux, the place-to-be for B-to-B networking

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On July 11th at the Rocher de Palmer in Cenon, ADI Nouvelle Aquitaine invited companies from the Bordeaux region to the “Business Meetings Grand Groups / SME / ETI and Start-ups in New Aquitaine”, punctuated by B-to-B meetings, workshops, and support from large groups to help them solve their problems outside business. The event, which was aimed at all companies seeking local collaboration, attracted nearly 400 companies of all sizes, involved in the neo-Aquitaine activity.

The Development and Innovation Agency invites Bordeaux companies to collaborate

The day “Meetings Business Large Groups / SME / ETI and Start-ups in New Aquitaine” began at 9 a.m., with the intervention of Bernard UTHURRY, Vice President New Aquitaine Region in charge of economic development, Jean-Luc FOUCO, Chairman of the ADI N-A Board, Jean-Francois HOUÉE, President of Créati.

The event was also able to give companies of all sizes the keys to their success in new Aquitaine, thanks in particular to the holding of two workshops. Presented by Jean-Georges MICOL, the CEO of ADI Nouvelle Aquitaine, Vincent MARIONNET, Digital Product Owner and Business Coach of Thales, Jean-Marc LOINGTIER, business creation coach for Aquitaine Science Transfer, and the support of CDiscount, Schneider Electrics and Carbon Waters, the first workshop addressed the problems related to the conditions of success of the Proof of Concept with a large group or an ETI , with the chances of successful co-development of a project and the mobilization of specific funding.

The management of a business relationship and the possible financial participation in the Capital by a Large Group or an ETI is not always obvious for start-ups. That’s why ADI, represented by Arnaud de MALET, the head of innovation and transformation finance, and Fabrice PARMENTIER LESAGE, MANAGING director of Ester Technopole, with the support of Aster Capital, Sicame and EV Tronic, led a workshop focused on this theme, aimed at start-ups and innovative SMEs.

The added value of this event is also linked to the exchange between executives and entrepreneurs, who had the opportunity to develop their business network throughout the day. These meetings aim to foster cooperation between different companies in financial, technological, industrial and commercial terms. More than 35 large groups and intermediate companies have been identified on the platform (Popular Bank, Véolia, Akka Technologies, Thalès, Total, Decathlon, La Poste, Sanofi, Naval Group, Cdiscount or Schneider Electric), as well as numerous startups and SMEs.

Bordeaux, a city favourable to meet professionals

As the event was organized from a digital platform, requests for appointments were made in advance, in order to facilitate exchanges and allow everyone to link relevant contacts, resulting in more than 750 meetings throughout the day. The topics discussed at these meetings were numerous and focused on innovation mainly: robotics, cyber security, connected objects, sustainable factories, augmented reality, materials, digital transformation or customer relations were at the heart of the exchanges. Indeed, all these topics represent issues for the Bordeaux economy at present. These themes were also discussed at the Smart Event’s Creative and Attractiveness Forum, which took place on July 5 at the Palais de la Bourse. Always in a spirit of dynamism and networking, the companies showed up this time in the main hall of the Palais de la Bourse to receive their visitors. Unlike the ADI event, the meetings were free and without any particular schedule, and among the participants, it was possible to meet companies such as Crédit Agricole or Carrefour. The day before, laboratories and innovative companies had the opportunity to meet at the Cosmetic Contactevent, organized by the Cosmetic Valley in Villenave d’Ornon, in the heart of the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences.

The day “Meetings Business Large Groups / SME / ETI and Start-ups in New Aquitaine” is in line with business events held in Bordeaux, and proves once again the strong propensity of the city to connect companies of all sizes to grow together. Moreover, this dynamic also finds place on the right bank side, in Darwin. Indeed, many start-ups are setting up in this co-working space where the companies of tomorrow are developing, in incubators like the Pioneers for example.

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