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On June 20, the leader of motorcycle and two-wheel insurance, AMV, of the Filhet Allard group based in Mérignac, was tempted by a new experience in recruitment. He entrusted Wizbii, a job search platform for young people, to organize a recruitment cocktail, breaking somewhat with the trend of job dating.

For example, the restaurant Le Confidential on the Quai des Chartrons in Bordeaux welcomed some twenty candidates selected by Wizbii on behalf of AMV.

A fast-growing company in recent years, AMV expresses significant recruitment needs throughout the year. The company operates the usual channels and this time chose to respond to Wizbii’s proposal to reach its target, young graduates, between the age of 20 and 30.

A winning collaboration

After being invited by Wizbii to an event bringing together different recruiters, AMV conducted its first session specifically for its company. Seduced by wizbii’s differentiating context and its innovative approach, in the age of time, AMV illustrated the youthful spirit that has animated the company since its inception 40 years ago.

Bertrand Bocquet, HR Director of the Filhet Allard Group and AMV, and Agnès Rouvière, Deputy Managing Director, say they appreciate Wizbii’s agility, responsiveness and speed of execution as well as the time and reasonable budget provided by the turnkey solution proposed: filtering candidates, connecting, communicating…

Moreover, the conviviality of the meetings, in this informal setting, allowing for relaxed exchanges more revealing than in interview, recruiters can focus on recruiting personalities, beyond the CV.

With regard to Wizbii, whose notoriety, correlated with the number of subscribers (currently 1.9 million subscribers), continues to grow, especially among candidates, the challenge of this new event format remained to develop its activity directly with recruiters.

In any case, the format and the organization will have more on the side of AMV just like candidates.

“I didn’t know this format, and I find it very interesting. It’s much less formal than a job dating. We can talk to the other candidates. In general, it gives you confidence.” – Melanie

AMV, a fast-growing company

AMV is currently recruiting on two types of positions: customer relationship managers and compensation managers.

The needs are large enough for AMV to complete 4 to 5 training sessions per year over 4 to 6 weeks. Each has between 8 and 10 employees. By the end of June, the company had no less than 20 new employees by the end of the year.
An upward trend in the workforce that is also found in the other companies of the Filhet Allard group. Indeed, this is the case in particular of such as Filhet-Allard and Co. (professional brokerage) or Filhet Allard Maritime.

“We’re not going to be just a good school.” – Bertrand Bocquet

By integrating new employees, AMV wants to continue to offer career paths and offer regular opportunities to evolve.

“I wanted to open new doors, to touch another area. AMV offers the opportunity to anchor itself in a company that wants to evolve and evolve me.” Melanie

Accessibility and employer brand

Based in Mérignac, the Filhet Allard group’s campus also promises to live well in a business. Between a gym with courses and appliances, a company restaurant, a crèche, an active CE and opportunities for evolution, the Group works its employer brand.
To continue to make arguments to attract interesting profiles, especially among young graduates, AMV participates in other recruitment fairs. AMV was present at the Recruiters Village. He is also a partner of Kedge Business School, or the IAB (Institute of Insurance of Bordeaux). Events and formats that are out of the ordinary and leave an imprint on the candidates’ minds.

“This is the first time I’ve participated or even heard about this way of recruiting. My motivation is only tenfold. The informal side is soothing and makes meetings much more pleasant, relaxed. I notice more and more new recruitment techniques: video questionnaire recorded, download of an application and questions … It was less human.” – Mathieu

New recruitment methods in search of “soft skills”

While HR functions are regularly “demonized” for their lack of contact and at a time when robots come to pre-sort applications, recruiters are increasingly looking to recruit personalities, human skills, in addition to professional skills.

To achieve this and work on the attractiveness of rare profiles, companies are redoubling their creativity. For example, PwC has been hosting escape games since 2017 to recruit new listeners. Mobilizing the skills to work in teams, listen, analyze and solve… The game allows to evaluate human skills, “soft skills” that make the difference every day in the company.

Digital also comes to offer its solutions especially via mobile applications. More than connecting, apps are surfing the dating trend. Indeed, the idea is to “match” candidates and companies (CornerJob, Bonanza…).

Despite its differentiating initiatives, traditional recruitment channels remain the most exploited by recruiters, the latter not foreseeing that the new recruitment methods will replace them, but remains a complement to the traditional channels to reintroduce humans in the process.

Source: Meeting with Bertrand BOCQUET and Agnès ROUVIERE on June 20, 2018 at The Confidential

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