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Wood is the future for Bordeaux buildings. Indeed, this natural material offers a growth perspective for the city. The construction and marketing of wood creates an important market. The New Aquitaine Region holds a lot of wood, and therefore offers visibility to the city. As a result, forests account for 34% of the territory of New Aquitaine (1). In addition, construction companies, specialized in wood, represent 50,000 jobs and 10 billion euros in sales in the region (1).

Bordeaux, towards an eco-friendly city

Environmentally friendly, wood does not emit CO2, unlike other materials often used. This initiative is thus part of Bordeaux’s energy transition plan (2). Wood is in symbiosis with this plan as it produces low energy expenditure. On the other hand, the resource comes from local land, so production is less expensive. In addition, wood is a very good thermal insulation material: 12 times more than concrete and 350 times more than steel (3).

In accordance with the energy transition plan, several construction companies specialize in the wood sector. In Bordeaux, Libourne and Cavignac, Dupuy Frères is turning to the construction of industrial wood-frame premises. This company accompanies professionals in the creation of commercial premises, industrial building or warehouse. They offer buildings that are functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing (4). However, this company is not the only one, the building is the largest employer in the country and recruits, each year, 80,000 employees (5).

Environmental issues: an international alliance

The first world congress on medium- and large-scale wooden buildings took place in Bordeaux, and it was an opportunity for industry players to launch an initiative to promote, on a global scale. This event allows the city to forge international ties. Indeed, a third edition will be held in 2020 with the aim of promoting wood in the building. The 2019 edition was held in Quebec in partnership with the Regional Council, Bordeaux Metropole and the local authorities of New Aquitaine.

In each edition, there are more than 20 countries represented and more than 1000 participants (6). Among the states involved, Canada and Finland are two countries invested in ecology. Finland is covered by 74% of the forest (7) and uses it wisely. Canada is made up of 90% of detached wooden houses, while France has only 15%.

Bordeaux is fully committed to its ecological project. It develops many energy alternatives to improve the comfort of the inhabitants… And it also works to care for one of the sectors that has its importance in the Bordeaux economy, the building industry. Indeed, the Euratlantic district will see the light of the first wooden tower built in France, called Hyperion. This tower will consist of 82 apartments assembled around a vertical street, an unnamed aesthetic and a low carbon footprint, planned for 2021 (8). The carbon footprint is halved, compared to a building with conventional materials, according to the Euratlantic district (7). This project aims to combat global warming through the wood sector. Does the city of Bordeaux rely on this material to restart its economy?


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