Bordeaux a culturally rich city

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While Bordeaux is one of the country’s most popular french cities, there is no shortage of places to discover. Bordeaux has so much to offer: let yourself be guided through the different streets of the new “tourism capital” where it is good to live and discover how rich its culture is, due to the presence of its monuments and its history.


Bordeaux, a constantly developing crossroads


Culture has always been an important part of Bordeaux. While the city is at a crossroads of economic, social, educational and civic development, culture is indispensable to Bordeaux life and its inhabitants. It creates the wealth of the city and participates in that of its inhabitants. Bordeaux is also culturally rich in the presence of many monuments that are built within it. These monuments are part of the heritage and are at the origin of the history of the city. When you come to Bordeaux, it is then possible to visit these monuments and discover what is hidden inside. All the monuments have their own speciality and the diversity is very present: from museums to towers, parks and squares, you will be spoilt for choice as you walk the streets of Bordeaux. Access to culture and the development of all cultural infrastructure is the city’s first budget, with the support of the inhabitants, an investment of 81 million euros in total in 2016.


visit the City of Bordeaux Wine tourism


So take the time to discover these monuments that make up the culture and the Economy of Bordeaux. Bordeaux offers a multitude of places full of resources and welcoming. You can discover or rediscover the city in a totally unusual way. Indeed, every player in the Bordeaux economy and culture makes sure to make your visits enjoyable and unforgettable. Every year, many events are held in the city centre of Bordeaux and its surrounding streets. It’s enough to go out on the weekend, without really having to wonder what to do, no matter what the weather is. Indeed, it is important to know that Bordeaux has a multitude of places to visit, each more unique than the other. Indeed, outdoors or indoors, Bordeaux’s wealth is remarkable. From concert halls to cinemas, to restaurants that make the city’s reputation for gastronomic prestige, to walks in the 101 parks and gardens that cover both sides of Bordeaux, the range of cultural offerings is enormous, which makes it possible to please everyone, young and old, local and tourist…


That’s why Le feast editions reissues in a new version its Guide Bordeaux in 101 sites and monuments

. While the city of Bordeaux has been constantly evolving and moving for a few years now, this Bordeaux guide highlights a selection of the various monuments to help the most curious and tourists to discover the wonderful stories that make Bordeaux what it is today. On the occasion of the reopening of the Natural History Museum and the upcoming inauguration of the House of Creative Economy, Bordeaux in 101 sites and monuments

focuses on the evolution of Bordeaux and the richness of its culture.


A Bordeaux culture to discover and rediscover


For several years, Bordeaux has been transforming itself. New neighbourhoods such as the Flots Basin are being created, and redeveloped, to accommodate new businesses or new housing. In addition to the construction and development of Bordeaux’s neighbourhoods, there are no less than 362 buildings recognized as historical monuments that Bordeaux has. It is therefore possible to dive into the full Bordeaux culture, by visiting the Opéra National de Bordeaux following a performance or during heritage days. However, the National Opera is not the only site to visit. Indeed, the City of Wine, opened in 2016, is a place still very popular with visitors, residents or tourists. It highlights the culture of wine, which is very important within Bordeaux. Finally, the various Bordeaux museums will offer you a cultural and historical richness not least. With low prices and discounts, the city of Bordeaux offers accessibility to people, so that they discover the place from different angles. Soaking up culture and heritage is easily accessible, including free admission to all the city’s museums on the first Sunday of each month.


Fine Arts tourism culture Bordeaux


It is not only the residents who benefit from the cultural richness that Bordeaux has been offering for years. Indeed, more and more tourists come to visit the city to discover its cultural places, its leisure, and its events. In the summer of 2018, no less than 1.5 million tourists came to discover the Bordeaux region, which significantly increased the number of visitors to the Bordeaux airport located in Mérignac. However, in order to welcome more and more tourists and new permanent residents, the Bordeaux economy may be growing steadily, but it is necessary to give these people the opportunity to stay and live within Bordeaux.


Bordeaux is a city rich in gastronomy, wine, culture, art, leisure and much more. Known as an attractive city full of opportunities, Bordeaux is developing its culture more and more. Thus, the monuments of the “new capital” are always ready to welcome new visitors and share their history. While foreigners come to settle in France, Bordeaux is a very popular city that sees more and more new inhabitants arrive each year. Enough to keep Bordeaux culture alive.







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