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Bordeaux, a safe bet for Betclic

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For all sports fans, Betclic is a reference. The sports betting site is the leader in France, created 12 years ago, is now based in London, Paris and Malta, with nearly 450 employees.

The company’s CEO, Nicolas Béraud, decided and announced that the head office in Paris and the London offices would be moved to a single office, which would become the headquarters of the famous site. The choice was made in Bordeaux, a strategic city full of opportunities for the future of Betclic: in fact, the premises are more spacious, and conducive to development, with advantageous prices.

Betting on innovation in the heart of Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a city of innovations, focused on research and development, enjoying the precious French Tech label since 2014, with skills that are not present elsewhere. Of a reasonable size, and today very well served by the LGV that connects it to the capital, but also the airport that connects it to the rest of the world, Bordeaux attracts many large groups like OVH or Ubisoft.

The development of the neighbourhoods, between Bordeaux Euratlantique, Brazza or the Basins in Flot show a certain modernization, a hand outstretched towards new businesses and also groups like Betclic, which will move in 2019 in the new offices of more than 3000 m2 of the district of Bassins in Flot. However, the online betting giant will arrive in April 2018 in Bordeaux, in the space of Coworking Mamaworks with its 150 employees. Nicolas Béraud also wants to withdraw from the British capital because of Brexit, which could have long-term impacts on Betclic’s business.

An international presence that is intensifying

In recent years, online betting platforms have multiplied and competition is important. Today, Betclic is present in more than 20 countries, spread across Europe, and seeks daily to meet the expectations of its customers, expectations that change over time with the explosion of smartphone use, at the expense of the computer for sports betting: in fact, 80% of the connections on Betclic are made today from a mobile. this is why the company is expanding its business on mobile applications, and the Bordeaux location could allow it to attract new talent.

With these changes, online betting has increased significantly, by more than 56%, increased in particular by the major sporting events played in recent years such as the Euro football tournament of 2016, which took place in France.

Moving to Bordeaux, a bet that could pay off big in the long run for Betclic…


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