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Bordeaux: Amorim, the top-of-the-range cork made in New Aquitaine

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Amorim reinvents plug-in solutions for the world’s leading beverage brands. Based in Portugal, the company produces its corks in New Aquitaine,Merpins. But it has also set up its subsidiary France in Eysines, near Bordeaux. Amorim designs exclusive cork caps for each brand. A way to distinguish yourself from other brands, while being part of a process of respect for the environment. Amorim is engaged ineco-designing premium caps for the biggest names in beverages in the world. A pioneering commitment, which places the production of “green” products at the heart of the market.

Amorim, the creation of eco-responsible plugs

The Portuguese company therefore trusts France, and in particular New Aquitaine for the manufacture of its caps. A region and a closeness to Bordeaux particularly thoughtful. Indeed, it is one of the regions of France where cork is predominant, along with wine production. A famous wine, which sells around the world, with world-famous names.

In Gironde, the wine sector is the leading employer,with more than 55,000 direct and indirect jobs. A particularly lucrative and interesting market for cork producers like Amorim. With its direct proximity,wine producers can bottle with respect to the short circuit,a particularly important factor in recent years. The desire to consume locally, to reduce its carbon footprint… But also to keep local businesses alive.

Thus, Amorim is getting closer to these alcoholic beverage markets by offering an environmentally friendly solution. A CSR approach that appeals to producers. The Portuguese company, based in Bordeaux, therefore, offers the production of a new generation cap. This RE-Cork plug© is 100% biodegradable. Designed without any plastic,it is made from cork and naturally occurring polymers. A big step towards green production, welcomed by all. Indeed, the new challenges for companies like Amorim are to turn to natural materials.

Cork corks wines bottle
Corks are famous in Bordeaux, with the presence of wine.

Recycling, using resources to achieve carbon neutrality… But also the use of cleaner manufacturing processes are goals to be achieved. Amorim is thus the first company to approach it with the development of this new cap. A cork for high-end spirits, a market parallel to that of wine, just as lucrative.

Spirits, Amorim’s high-end lens

Spirits are often forgotten in the Bordeaux region. And yet, they are very present in the market, and are meeting a significant success. Some brands stand out, relying on a high-endlook, and craftsmanship. Bottles for which no detail is left to chance. From the shape of the container to the label to the cap, marketing research is crucial.

Amorim wants to be part of this strategy and offers several ranges of caps, especially for spirits. Thus, the Classic Value is the most traditional cork, cork and wood. It comes in several colors, with the top of the cap flat or bulging.

Then comes the Premiumrange. A search for balance, where cork sublimates the bottle. It combines with high-end materials, enhanced by fire, bottom or high relief markings. A customizable cap for the final brand, therefore, increasing its prestige. It is this range that is eco-responsible, and that seduces brands. Proof that natural materials and prestige go hand in hand!

The Prestige range is the most luxurious offered by Amorim. It offers customizable caps in colors and with the brand name. Its components range from crystal to precious metals, from exotic woods to all kinds of rare materials. The guarantee of a very high-end rendering for exceptional drinks.

The Elegance range is also part of Amorim’s catalogue. The creation of corks helps to meet the needs of the most sophisticated spirits on the market. A design fused with innovative and original materials such as ceramics, wood or metal.

Spirits bottles alcohol
Spirits are part of the market, and take a high-end positioning.

The alcohol market, a successful sector

The alcohol market accounts for a significant share of jobs in the country: more than 721,000 jobs. These alcoholic beverages (wines, champagnes, spirits, cocktails…) are a major success among French and foreign consumers. At issue is the guarantee of artisanal production,and the rise in quality of some specialized companies.

In Bordeaux, they stand out, offering original flavours,but also a high-end brand image. Brand image that differentiates itself, and attracts more consumers.

In addition to buying for personal consumption, alcoholic beverages also act as a gift, sometimes representing an investment. Other bottles are kept to age before tasting, such as wines or whiskies. This is a gift idea in vogue, especially when the bottle is aesthetic. A bottle whose cork is an integral part, a market more interesting than ever for Amorim!


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