Coronavirus street trade support measure

Bordeaux and coronavirus: Support measures

Bordeaux is putting in place support measures for local actors during this COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus weakens all sectors of activity, creates economic difficulties and directly affects populations. The aid announced at the first containment in March 2020 has helped to relieve businesses across the country temporarily…

Tourism in Bordeaux is also suffering from the health crisis.

But this is not counting on the announcement of the second containment, which began in November 2020. Locally, support measures are being organized to support the most affected companies on a smaller scale. Bordeaux is thus involved on all fronts to help businesses and people most affected by COVID-19.

Support measures, a welcome outstretched hand for the Bordeaux economy

During the first confinement, many aids were presented to help businesses. Various financial aids, with very specific terms, not always easy to find your way around for a company. Thus, the City of Bordeaux is setting up a“Single Window”to listen, inform and guide independents. He guides them in this way to know all the aids to which they can claim. In particular, the aim of the Window is to improve the coordination of aid between the Metropolis, the Region and the State.

Street trade shops
During containment, closed businesses rely on each support measure.

Digitalisation is also part of the support measures put forward by Bordeaux. Indeed, many companies set up the “Click and Collect” to continue selling their products online. Even in times of confinement. To give them more visibility, the Metropole decided, through Solocal, to create BordeauxBoutiques.

This platform will highlight all Bordeaux economic players with or do not have a merchant site. In addition, they also benefit from the Metropolitan Fund for Emergency Assistance to Digitalize Businesses to develop their online offering.

Associations are also experiencing a decline in their activity. In response, Bordeaux is setting up an exceptional support fund that will help more than 145 associations over the year. A total envelope of 1,136,229 euros, of which 608,580 are dedicated to the 96 structures of the cultural sector.

In the cultural field, bordeaux bookstores are also experiencing a very delicate period. To support their activity and provide them with cash, the libraries of Bordeaux bought them books, for a total amount of 300,000 euros. A support appreciated by professionals. But the support measures taken by the city of Bordeaux do not stop there.

Rents, cash, health and solidarity, important points for the city and businesses

Shops, restaurants and associations closed their doors when the containmentswere announced because they could not accommodate the public. For them, the absorption of fixed expenses such as rent and wages is difficult due to lack of cash flow.

Thus, Bordeaux sets up an exceptional fund to allow companies and associations to benefit from a rentexemption. The terms and conditions have not yet been determined. As a result, more than 1.3 million euros in assistance is provided for the payment of planned rents. The social landlord InCité also plans to exempt the rents of the merchants it hosts for the month of November. Support measures that allow these businesses to pass the threshold of this second containment.

From a healthpoint of view, Bordeaux is mobilizing with the establishment, among the support measures, of a Health Resilience Council. Its first meeting on 28 October provides an update on the measures to be put in place. It consists of doctors and professors of medicine, as well as specialists in the humanities and social sciences.

Together, they take stock of health support measures for populations. The aim is to reduce the impact and spread of COVID-19 in the Metropolis. To do this, they want to open more free and walk-in screening places. This will then test more people, and monitor epidemiological evolution. For example, Mably Court and St. John’s Station have these screening centres.

The City’s support measures also apply to vulnerable people, such as the elderly, homeless or disabled. Green number “Listen Psy” set up to Charles Perrens (0 800 71 08 90), marauding and supporting associations… All these aids help to show the most insecure that they are not alone.


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