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Bordeaux: Doucetti, the flan that awakens the taste buds of the French

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Doucetti brings the pastry flan, an emblem par excellence of French pastry, back to life. The country has always radiated its gastronomy. Around the world, French tables attract lovers of local specialties, great dishes. On the Bordeaux region, pastry reigns supreme, driven by emblematic products. Among them, Doucetti’s pastry flan intends to make a name for himself. A classic revisited to the taste of the day with new flavors, for a unique and tasty result, which is just waiting to be tasted …

A revisited pastry flan, the gourmet spirit of Doucetti

Doucetti, a name that sounds good sweetness and Italy … And yet, Doucetti is a Bordeaux brand. The origin of the name comes from an Anglo-Saxon flan pie, called Doucette. It was first served at the coronation of Henry IX of England in 1399. A pastry that, even today, seduces the British.

To promote its pastry flan,the brand aims to use all available channels to make itself known. An e-commerce site to buy its pastry flans online directly… Sales spaces, planned soon to allow customers to see the flans and buy them in Bordeaux, Paris and Toulouse. As well as a delivery system to receive his pastry flans directly at home.

To make this possible, Doucetti launched a Crowdfunding campaign on the Ulule platform. A good way to find out if the project is meeting its audience. Winning bet: in less than a month, the project received no less than 10,400 euros. A promising start, which already heralds bright days for the French pastry flan.

Thus, the founders of Doucetti want to bring to life an emblematic pastry, available in several flavors, with a more refined shape. Future customers will be able to choose from the flavours: chocolate and caramel, lemon and coconut, pistachio, or vanilla. Flavours that can evolve according to the demands, to offer unique pastry flans.

In addition, Doucetti is committed to providing its customers with an experience with quality products. Indeed, all the ingredients used come from a local production, derived from responsible and reasoned agriculture. It is a concept that seduces, the pastry flan being one of the favorite pastries of the French. Indeed, in France, in 2019, 74% admit to buying pastries during the year.

Pastry fruit tartlets
Pastry pleasure or to offer, it comes to infinity to meet all desires …

Doucetti, the pleasure of tasting or offering

The pastry has changed a lot. Previously, it was only a dessert to enjoy at home when you receive guests. But today, pastry is a gift that is offered, sometimes even a work of art that we taste. Doucetti offers, beyond a pastry flan, to live a unique taste experience. A fun cake, above all, a moment of welcome sweetness in a period like the one the country is going through.

Every year in France, pastry is a gourmet market… And particularly lucrative. It generates a turnover of more than one billion euros each year. For consumers, the creative aspect of baking and the awakening of the taste buds is enough to encourage the purchase of professional achievements. A strong symbol of a festive meal, or a gift that is offered, the pastry is endlessly available. France is one of the most pastry-oriented nations with achievements with strong flavours.

Near Bordeaux, other professionals also offer their delicious pastry creations. Pastry Chef Antony PRUNET, for example, offers exceptional achievements throughout the year. The Chef de la patisserie de Ha(a)ïtza, in Pyla-Sur-Mer, offered his Christmas revisit of traditional logs. Pen-shaped entremets, with a chocolate case. He also designed eggs in the shape of a pine cone, a local emblem, for Easter. Chocolate eggs in original flavours.

Today, pastry is off the beaten track, and also brings out original creations. How can we not talk about the White Dunes,a local creation on the Arcachon Basin that has been a huge success? Delicate sweets topped with whipped cream, for a moment of pleasure…

French pastry macaroons
The macaroon is part of the heritage of French pastry.

Pastry, golden letters for French gastronomy

While the country is going through an unprecedented period related to the COVID-19 pandemic, pastry lovers are not giving up on their ritual. Buying a pastry is a reflex adopted by many. However, with the pandemic, we are witnessing an emerging trend: the desire to make your own pastries. To do this, pastry lovers rely on online recipes, and make their own cakes.

Pastry chefs also offer videos where they explain step by step the recipe of their flagship achievements. Sharing a culinary heritage that evolves with the pandemic, but which allows the pastry to remain a reassuring pleasure.


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