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Bordeaux: ETERNA-INFINA, the mixed real estate project in the heart of the city

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Bordeaux continues to grow with the launch of the ETERNA-INFINA real estate project. This program takes place in place of the space of the Peugeot Henri Barre garage, which is located on Marionneau Street in Bordeaux. This project, led by ID and AL Group, is in collaboration with Novaxia. The realization of this project contributes to the committed revitalization of the heart of the city through the transformation of sites like this former dealership. In recent years, Bordeaux has been transforming itself with the construction of new neighbourhoods or residential buildings, offices…

ETERNA-INFINA, a mixed project adapted to new needs

The ETERNA-INFINA project is a global real estate project. It includes offices, shops, high-end housing, to meet multiple needs in one space. Multi-use is a popular and preferred type of program for new real estate projects in the city. These new spaces, considered “urban rotules” with the emphasis of short circuits. Short circuits with all the facilities accessible near its place of life.

The ETERNA-INFINA program contributes to the dynamism of the city centre. It encourages the installation of businesses in offices ideally located in the heart of the city, with more than 2762 m2 of space for professional use. The program as a whole will include 21 units ranging from 2 to 6 rooms in free accession. Accommodations adaptable according to the desires of future owners, including apartments with a beautiful ceiling height.

Residential building
These new buildings have an architecture that fits into the environment.

These apartments are part of a high-end program, with unique services. The future inhabitants of these dwellings will therefore benefit from superior services. For example, they will have access to an elevator, a secure parking lot, parquet floors, a heated floor, in the heart of ultra-connected housing… Benefits combined with a construction programme that aims to offer housing with a better energy performance. Some accommodations may even have access to the installation of a jacuzzi, as an option.

The ETERNA-INFINA programme also includes four future commercial premises, with an area of 540 m2, as well as five office trays with a total area of 2762 square metres. A modern and spacious mixed ensemble in the centre of the city, to shape the new face of the city.

ETERNA-INFINA, a setting of greenery and modernity in the city

ETERNA-INFINA is a program that echoes the city’s commitments for several years. Commitments that can be found on buildings, or on the rehabilitation of entire neighbourhoods like Bordeaux Euratlantique. This combines modernity and respect for the environment. Values dear to the city, which help to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants… And encourage the installation of new businesses in a dynamic environment.

But the other objective of new real estate programs, such as ETERNA-INFINA, is also to promote the development of green spaces. Greenery settings that contribute to the beautification of the city centre, on the one hand. They allow the reintegration of biodiversity into the heart of cities, a desire expressed by Bordeaux, among others.

In the middle of THE ETERNA-INFINA real estate program, a garden in the heart of an island of more than 500m2 will bring this plant dimension. Especially since the various accommodations have access to generous outdoor spaces, for an oxygen bubble just minutes from Bordeaux Saint-Jean station and Mérignac airport.

New housing
New constructions are less energy-intensive.

Offices are also being designed to meet new business needs and challenges. If in the first place traditional offices appealed to the greatest number of… The situation has changed today. Instead, companies are looking for flexible spaces that adapt to usages and moods. Spaces that are able to accommodate all teams in accordance with current pandemic constraints.

Also, new real estate programs that cater to all or part of businesses must be able to offer adaptable, partitionable or open spaces as needed.

The real estate of tomorrow, a new model in the city

Real estate has changed considerably in recent years. New programs are meeting new needs and constraints in cities. From buildings to more modern construction, with architecture that fits well into the environment. They are also buildings with more reasonable energy expenditure, including a green space and several uses. A way to create a “city in the city” as proposed by the ETERNA-INFINA programme.


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