Bordeaux: FineHeart innovates against heart failure

At a time when all eyes are on health,research-related advances are revolutionizing the sector. One of the latest innovations, driven by FineHeart, is the fight against heart problems. Based in Pessac, it has developed a unique and revolutionary device. ICOMS (Implantable Cardiac Output System) is thus able to restore the natural capacity of the heart pump. An innovation in the form of therapy for long-term circulatory assistance, helping patients with severe heart failure…

FineHeart, promising clinical trials

Heart failure is a serious condition for people with heart disease. The heart does not manage to pump enough for blood to flow through the body. As a result, the patient becomes short of effort and tires quickly. For example, heart failure reduces life expectancy, especially for the most severe cases. With ICOMS, FineHeart could well save many lives. After a 30-day study of this device, surgeons could soon see its effects on humans. In France, more than 500,000 people suffer from heart failure. According to the Heart and Research Foundation, 50% of people with the disease die within 5 years of the onset of the first symptoms. FineHeart’s innovation could save many lives, and allow the sick to live again.

Elderly couple heart problem
In France, FineHeart and ICOMS could help hundreds of thousands of people with heart failure.

Surgical surgery is as fast as it is effective. ICOMS is halfway between a pacemaker and a cardiac assist device. It is implanted with a beating heart, and is minimally invasive. In all, the procedure lasts less than 90 minutes. The goal is to respect as much as possible the natural functioning of the blood circulation, so that the body regains its cycle. The device is as discreet as possible, wireless, which avoids infections or complications requiring further hospitalizations. Until then, interventions related to the treatment of heart failure were carried out by left ventricular assist devices (DAVG). Hospital readmission rates after the operation remained high, as did the risk of complications. FineHeart is thus achieving a feat that could well change the lives of hundreds of thousands of sick people in France, and even millions worldwide.

Health at the heart of innovation

Bordeaux is one of the metropolises wherehealth innovation is important. With the presence of FineHeart, among others, and the quality of its health facilities… It provides solutions and innovations to fight diseases, or support health workers. In the midst of the global pandemic, health is the focus of attention. The management of patients, but also the adaptation to this new context are all factors to be taken into account in order to evolve. Some companies offer many solutions for health. These include the case of SimFor Health, a Bordeaux-based company that provides simulation modules to hospital staff. Thanks to them, they assimilate the specifics of the management of all pathologies, but also the procedures of intervention. A way to learn without risk, to get more involved, but also to train as many learners as possible.

Health innovations provide quick and effective solutions to immediate needs. Thus, FineHeart is part of this dynamic with ICOMS, a revolution for heart failure. Thanks to this small device, many sick patients will be able to live a normal life without having the handicap caused by shortness of breath and fatigue. Bordeaux, a centre of excellence in health, supports these life-saving companies with many players.


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