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[Mis à jour le 4 novembre 2020] It’s undeniable: with an internationally booming economy and more than 71 post-bac schools according to the… Bordeaux has now become one of the most attractive cities in the world for students and future young workers. In front of Toulouse and Aix-En-Provence, just after Paris and Lyon, the capital of Girona attracts more than a third of young students interviewed. They want to come and study and work, according to the Great Place To Work survey. Bordeaux Business is looking at the new Post-Bac schools that are attracting interest. Due to its welcoming climate and its economic dynamism in terms of setting up new businesses, Belle Endormie attracts. The large influx of new students and the emergence of new professions strongly encourage schools to develop to offer innovative courses to meet the new needs of companies by offering diplomas that are not yet prepared on the market.

Bordeaux trains its future aeronautical engineers

With the support of the New Aquitaine region and the Bordeaux Aquitaine Aéronotic and Spatial Association (BAAS), ELISA Aerospace opened its doors in 2018, with more than 75 places on the “green” campus of Saint-Quentin, in Saint-Jean d’Illac, accessible by public transport from Saint-Jean station. Computer rooms, FabLab, Engine Test Bench and educational wind tunnel are now available for students, future engineers with more than 47% of alumni now stationed in aeronautics, 21% in Space and 12% in Defense.

Subject to the ever-increasing demand of SMEs in the region, it is also the National Polytechnic Institute that plans to create its sixth facility in 2019, dedicated to aeronautics and the plant of the future. Marc Phalippou, the managing director of Bordeaux INP, wanted in 2018 to identify the needs of companies in the region before preparing the clearance file and deciding on a location for his new establishment. The region is indeed very focused on aeronautics, especially with the presence of the Dassault plant, or Thalès, respectively located in Mérignac and Bordeaux, and training new students in the trades of tomorrow in these branches would be a real advantage, employability bill in a high-tech sector as soon as schools leave.

Aviation Bordeaux Business
Aeronautics is one of the key sectors of the New Aquitaine market. A key value for higher education.

Trade and communication: the future schools of higher education to watch

In trade, two projects are set to be launched by 2021. The ESSCA, a private school of business and post-bac management, wants to open two new buildings in the capital of Girona. In Bassins à Flot for the start of 2019, as well as a brand new campus within the Bastide Niel ZAC.

This high value-added area has also seen the University of Bordeaux inaugurate a 3300 m2 odontology building. It is located on the Bordeaux Carreire campus. That is an investment of 12 million euros and as part of the Campus operation. With funding on equity and by Bordeaux metropolis of 938,000 euros, the Bordeaux International School, already established on Judaic Street, has also opened an extension of 300 m2. Exntesion with a science lab and new classrooms. The director expects more than a thousand students in the fall of 2021.

Finally, ISCOM, a French family group of higher education (Tunon, Pigier, MBWay), based in 6 cities in France… Wants to integrate its school of future communicators in the heart of Bordeaux with an opening scheduled for September 2019. It provides 35 places in the first year, 20 in the 4th year for holders of a license. With more than 13,000 alumni and 30 years of experience, the school promises communication training over 5 years. A state-recognized training, with alternating and professional opportunities at the key.

Computer Code Bordeaux Business
Practical training allows you to learn key skills and then get a job.

A Bordeaux dynamism that is no longer to be demonstrated

Bordeaux’s quality of life and economic dynamism are key factors for our future young workers. A city still on a human scale, it also has a full spectrum of training… And one of the strongest French growth in job creation, a key element for students. In a market where new professions are emerging, revealing the changing needs expressed by consumers, new employees of tomorrow’s companies must acquire skills that are sometimes extremely sharp in order to be experts in their field.

For Bordeaux, labelled French Tech,business and oenology training schools are now being rubbed shoulders with schools of computer development, engineering or digital technology and the development of cutting-edge solutions for all sectors of activity. In addition, the international openness fostered by the development of transport (new air links connecting Bordeaux to the rest of the world, High-speed line…) capture developments in foreign markets and prove that in many sectors, especially in aeronautics, the city of Bordeaux and the New Aquitaine region do not have to blush. They even attract large groups that recruit out of school.

We can mention Betclic, UbiSoft, OVH and many others. So many groups have chosen to set up shop in view of the growth potential that the city has to offer them. A winning bet for the schools that are born!

Education, serving key sectors of activity in New Aquitaine

Among all the higher schools in Bordeaux and its region, some offer training and teaching in trades related to key sectors. Among these sectors, aerospace, oenology, but also automotive, digital or aeronautics. These are areas where demand is high, and where innovation does not stop. Thus, higher education schools offering specific training in certain facets of the trades. NOVAE is an aeronautical training centre that prepares for activities related to aeronautical maintenance… But also training for future flight attendants on airliners. The Higher School benefits from an affiliation with Safran Helicopters Engine and Airbus Helicopters, proof of a quality of training. A training that, like many other schools, aims to be practical, to prepare future talents for direct employability

Despite COVID-19, teaching and learning do not intend to stop. By adapting the course framework, especially with digital tools, higher education continues to train. A crucial training to allow the companies impacted to be able to recruit then, to revive the activity once the containment has been lifted… A strong message of hope for tomorrow’s employees.

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