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Bordeaux Lac is a sector of the Metropole that has experienced significant growth in recent years. With the shopping centre being an important crossroads of the city, and the emergence of new neighborhoods like Ginko,Bordeaux Lac is a must. It is also an important place where employment is of particular importance, with a specially designed recruitment forum. The shopping centre organizes a forum with some fifteen key players from the region, who have come to offer offers to fill. A way to show the full potential of employment in the Bordeaux basin.

Bordeaux Lac, partner of the employability of Bordeaux

With the support of institutions such as Pôle Emploi or the CCI of Bordeaux, which are very involved in the proposal of job offers, the Employment Forum offers a hundred offers. Beyond offering only interviews in a formal and traditional format, the mall goes even further. He proposes booths to prepare his candidacy, make a relevant CV photo, or to prepare serenely his interview. These are all services that allow, especially young people applying for a first job, to have all the keys to succeed. This initiative is particularly welcome, looking back at the beginning of the year, marked by COVID-19. In order to respect the measures taken in this unprecedented health context, however, the Forum is adapted. Interviews are made in advance to limit contact between the various participants.

Bordeaux Lac is known above all for its famous brands. Signs present to recruit, like Ikea, Burger King or Primark. Auchan, located in the heart of the shopping centre, also offers vacancies. These are all contracts that support the regional economy, and continue to run these businesses that are the beating heart of the district. Of course, recruitment is being pushed all over the metropolis, especially among local businesses and businesses. The latter, affected by the containment, now wish to turn the page and resume an activity. Thus, recruitment is an obligatory step to get off to a good start, while relying on the support of associations and locals. During the holidays, the region, accustomed to foreign tourism, was able to count on the mobilization of French visitors. A mobilization that has reduced the estimated drop in attendance before the season.

Returning to normal activity after COVID-19

Bordeaux companies are still gradually resuming their activity, but have to adapt. Different schedules, but also equipment now integrated into the operation of shops. The need to equip themselves to protect customers and employees also entails expenses for businesses. But after a rather positive summer season, the professionals intend to continue on this path, and to limit the impact of COVID-19 on their activity. For them, it is necessary to be able to work effectively and to continue to sell goods and services. Thus, recruitment, or the transformation of the business, allows to relaunch on a good basis. For some trades, such as catering, recovery is difficult. Arrangement of the restaurant by reducing the number of cutlery, training of staff in sanitary gestures to adopt… These are all factors that make the economic future of this sector uncertain.

Nevertheless, companies intend to continue their business, and look to the future. By recruiting, they can support local employment while reviving their business. An engaging decision, which shows a real desire to look to the future, and to turn the page COVID-19. However, the latter remains present, and it is necessary to adapt to stay in business.


Press release – Bordeaux Lac – Employment Forum

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