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Accessing local products through a Drive system is now commonplace for many products. Appreciated for its flexibility and speed, the rapid withdrawal saves considerable time. For many customers who don’t have time to travel to do their shopping, the Drive is an interesting solution. In Bordeaux, it is now the turn of wine to place itself in this dynamic, with the initiative of the Cadillac Wine House. An initiative in collaboration with the House of 5 Senses, located in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux wines, producers listening to their customers

Bordeaux are fond of wines produced on the territory. The latter enjoy a reputation that is no longer to be demonstrated, and this throughout the world. But in the face of constraints and health restrictions to combat COVID-19, the number of visitors to wineries is declining. As the festive season approaches, especially Christmas, winemakers have a significant turnover. Wine bottles are an integral part of festive meals, but also gifts under the tree. It is for this reason that the Cadillac Wine House has decided to offer wine deliveries directly to Bordeaux, in partnership with the Maison des 5 senses. Fans of white wines, red wines and rosé wines will be able to order their products online, and pick up their order for free in store.

Since its inception in 1997, the Cadillac Wine House has protected the wine heritage. It offers wines from several appellations. Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux, Cadillac, and Côtes de Bordeaux are present on the Cadillac Wine House shop, and available for purchase. Among them, Château Faugas, Château Malherbes or Château du Payre, well-known estates in the region. Through this Drive initiative, the Cadillac Wine House aims to give visibility to the estates. All this, allowing customers to supply themselves with quality wines. As a result, consumers who love these wines can order until December 16, 2020. Delivery is done once a week, allowing customers, once notified by email, to withdraw their order easily and free of charge.

Online shopping delivery
Cadillac’s Wine House is setting up a Drive system to collect its bottles of wine for free.

COVID-19, acceleration of the drive

The drive has been a great success since the beginning of its implementation. It was initiated first by supermarkets and some fast food chains. Customers who don’t have time to stop in the store to shop. They only go to a pick-up location to pick up their order in a matter of minutes. With the COVID-19, the rise of drive withdrawal is undeniable. Consumers have less time to go to stores. In addition, health measures discourage them from going shopping physically. The drive also allows consumers to change their purchases, especially to support local producers. The Farmer’s Drive allows consumers to source local products (fruits, vegetables, etc.) quickly, rather than buying in supermarkets. Solidarity and support for small producers is therefore highlighted with this system.

There is no doubt that the drive finds its place in the consumer society. More flexible, more convenient, it provides sustainable solutions for customers who have less time. It is available for many services: supermarket, restaurant, pharmacy or even bank. Given the health situation and its evolution, which requires people to keep away from each other, the drive is a solution that facilitates consumption… And to provide a quick solution to consumers.


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