Maïsadour offers its vision of direct selling

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Maïsadour wants to offer its consumers direct outlets called “Live from our producers”. The brands will present for sale local products from members as well as products of the brand such as Delpeyrat or Sarrade.

80 years of expertise in the agricultural sector

The Cornadour Cooperative Group has been working in the agricultural sector for more than 80 years, mainly in the South-West. With 8,000 farmers and 20 well-known brands, the Group wants to evolve its offer. It now offers “direct producer” stores. These stores offer products directly selected and offered by the producers themselves. Two first “Live from our producers” stores open in May and June, a dozen more will open over 3 years.

The aim of the project is to reduce the producer-consumer circuit and thus reduce the price of products sold. Thus, Maïsadour also wishes to meet the wishes of consumers: quality products, nearby and at attractive prices. Six major brands of the brand will be offered for sale including The Countess of Barry, Delpeyrat and Sarrade.

The idea is to reserve consumers all the advantages of consuming locally and at competitive prices – announces Jérôme Fourest, Managing Director of Countess du Barry

A changing agricultural and direct selling sector

It is in a context of great change in the direct selling sector that Maïsadour offers its outlets “Live from our producers”. Consumers are increasingly turning to online sales and home delivery. Add to this a rethinking of traditional consumption patterns, with trends turning to products that are less high in fat, meat, and more respectful of nature and the animal cause.

Another trend, it is well old, is the search for the lowest price. To prepare for this, several brands have started to offer first-price products, while developing more gastronomic ranges, thus satisfying a wider clientele. It is also with this in mind that the Maïsadour brand wishes to offer its direct producer brands. The products on offer will be those of the members of the cooperative and will accompany the six brands of Maïsadour. This will give consumers access to local, low-priced products and a choice of high-end products at more attractive prices than in shopping malls.

Projects that need to rebuild trust in producers

Weakened by food scandals, major retailers and brands are looking to win back the hearts of consumers. The stakes are in the billions. In 2014 alone, the direct selling sector accounted for more than 4 billion euros. Within this figure, 17% were allocated to gastronomy.

The only solution for the sector is to transform itself. The majority of retailers and brands are turning to online sales. Maïsadour has therefore drawn up a project for the year 2026. The aim of the brand is to bring together the member producers and consumers. Internationally, the brand wants to continue to increase its seed sales up to 85% of its sales. This will help finance its research and development costs.

Maïsadour also announced that it would invest up to 50 million euros in health and biosecurity facilities, possibly preventing further outbreaks of avian influenza.

In the age of digital everything and the digitalization of sales processes,Maïsadour seems to want to take the opposite step by offering small brands close to the consumer with a selection of local products. Making local and fine-dining products accessible

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