Capillum, the “responsible aristocracy” with the Palace of Versailles

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At the Palace of Versaille, the “responsible aristocracy” was born with Capillum…. Indeed, the latter has recently partnered with the Training Centre of Apprentices of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of the Yvelines. The aim of this initiative is to establish a partnership for apprentices in the hairdressing section. Thus they will offer their services to the employees of the Château… An ambitious partnership full of responsible values that aims to support mainly young people in their professional projects.

Capillum anoblits eco-responsible hair

Thus, since October thanks to the partnership set up by Capillum and the Palace of Versailles, apprentices will offer hairdressing services to the 1000 agents of the establishment each month (1). The main mission of this project is to support the training and professional integration of young people. In particular, it was made possible thanks to the support of companies such as L’Oréal. In particular, the latter provided the care products. Le Chesnay provided the protective gowns for the Château’s staff. It is through this type of rewarding action that about 30 apprentices who already hold a CAP will be able to decide to continue their studies towards a professional patent (1).

For these young people, often in times of doubt, it is therefore a way to confirm their professional projects. So they can guide their choices through practice. But also to develop their know-how in a prestigious setting. It is an experience of insertion into the professional environment enriching and rewarding for them. Especially since it is driven by beautiful responsible and social values.

Hair recycling, a new ethical and responsible solution

Indeed, Capillum is one of the new innovative players by proposing sustainable solutions to reuse hair. The Palace of Versaille, which was also committed to sustainable development, was the ideal ally for this solidarity approach. Thus with Capillum, the hair will be reused to be recycled in two sectors. The first sector will use the absorbent properties of hair to clean up the oceans of hydrocarbons and pollutants. The second line will use hair keratin to treat burn victims or patients in post-operative situations. As part of the partnership between the two actors, the hair of the Château staff will be used to help the patients of the University Hospitals of the Salpêtrière Pitié (1).

Thus, far beyond an ecological approach, it is also a social approach that emerges from this action. Indeed, the Palace of Versailles is committed to this aspect in a sustainable way. For example, for the past 4 years, he has partnered with the Emerige group to welcome young children from France who cannot go on holiday. Thus they can, for a day, have fun and discover the apartments of the king and the wonderful gardens of André Le Nôtre (2). For its part, Capillum continues to impose its values in the hairdressing sector. In the Bordeaux region, the CECCHI’K hair salon incorporates these principles into its strategy.

chateau sea hair
With the two actors, Capillium and the Palace of Versailles, the hair is recycled

Eco-responsibility and Business, the winning duo?

In the territory, there has recently been a “green wave”, especially during the municipal elections of 2020. This change confirms consumers’ commitment to a greener and more engaged society. Today they seem ready to make efforts to reduce their impact on the planet. They are also ready to consume better, more sustainable and more ethical. Indeed, the appeal of consumers seems to be turning to “committed” companies.

Businesses have understood this, and they are, as it were, the first to follow suit. The Covid-19 crisis is also a factor for companies to rethink its place in society. This is a development opportunity for the latter. The examples of the Palace of Versaille and Capillum illustrate this point, adapting their strategy to meet a new demand, they hope to continue to develop their business, their turnover and their image through their commitments.

More and more eco-responsible actors

In the Bordeaux region, there are many players to bring solutions rich in meaning. This is particularly the case of the solidarity workshop, which, in its case, recycles furniture, trinkets, crockery and clothes to give them a new life. Through this recycling magic works to create old objects in works of art with the aim of being resold later. Thus, through this position the workshop organized and participates in events to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling.

Thus, by partnering, Capillum and the Palace of Versailles confirm their ecological and solidarity commitments. It is a meaningful partnership that also provides answers to young people in building their future and their professional project through a rewarding experience. For businesses, the green wave is now a reality and an opportunity that they must seize. Indeed, consumers now seem more interested than ever to turn to committed companies.


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(2) Press release of July 15, 2020 – A DAY OF VACANCES WITH THE VERSAILLES PALACE – Palace of Versailles

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