Cdiscount and GEEV democratize donation between individuals

Following an emerging business model, Geev and Cdiscount give a second life to objects. In November, Feef announced the results of its Golden Feef competition, which aims to reward 6 duos of SMEs and Distributors who are committed together for tomorrow’s trade (1) . Among the winners is the collaboration between Geev, a donation application, and Cdiscount, the Bordeaux e-commerce platform. The opportunity to highlight the circular economy during a special program “Innovate for Trade” on BFM Business.

A new way to consume responsibly

With Cdiscount and Geev, the ambition to democratize giving comes to life. This ambition is supported in particular by the adoption by Parliament on 30 January 2020 of the Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Act (2). This is a turning point for the economy as a new model emerges. The law aims to accelerate the change in the way production and consumption is made. The aim is to reduce waste in order to preserve resources, biodiversity and the climate. Thus, 2020 is under the sign of sustainable development. This movement for the circular economy is also accompanied by an awareness of public opinion.

Indeed, new needs are emerging among consumers. They want to consume better and place more emphasis on the lifespan of products and their environmental impact. It must be said that the impact of COVID-19 has reinforced this trend. With shops and restaurants closed, repair and management of unsold food has found itself at the heart of possible solutions. In addition, the circular economy has also become possible thanks to the development of new digital solutions to facilitate exchanges. In particular, it is the mission of Cdiscount and Geev that offer consumers the opportunity through an application to consume differently by reducing their environmental impact and promoting the creation of human bonds.

cdiscount geev application
Geev and Cdiscount are teaming up to highlight the gift and the circular economy. Illustration: Geev

Cdiscount and Geev a winning duo

The Geeve app was launched in 2017 under the leadership of Hakim Baka and Florian Blanc. Today it stands as the reference application in France for the donation of objects and food. Present in France and Canada, the app has more than 2 million users. In particular, it has given a second life to more than 5 million products (3). So using the app, each “Geevers” can give and collect food around their home. In a simple and playful way, the gift becomes accessible, all the time and to anyone (4).

geev application interface
The simple and playful interface of the Geev application. Illustration: Geev

However, Geeve does not stop in such a good way. In order to continue its development and further anchor the gift in consumption patterns, it partners with Cdiscount. The strength of this collaboration lies in the complementarity of the two actors. On the one hand, a leading e-commerce player, and on the other, a dynamic young start-up. A duo that is not only winning but also performing. Indeed, Geeve was able to take advantage of the exhibition of its products to give on the cdiscount site. This action has resulted in a significant increase in traffic on the GEEV platform. We notice that 50% of the people, who arrive on the landing page of the site Cdiscount have visited the platform. This represents an audience of 20 million unique visitors/month (1). For Cdiscount, this collaboration was also an opportunity to strengthen its reputation through the concrete implementation of its CSR commitments.

Thus, by mixing their strengths the two players, have made it possible to put even more emphasis on this new economic model. The goal now is that it will become a long-term habit for all consumers. In addition, Geev plans to continue to develop the donation to internationally.


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(2) Law of 10 February 2020 on the fight against waste and the circular economy,Public Life

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