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Video. Stem cells, Parkinson’s… Health advances with TreeFrog and Imagine Institute

Faced with genetic diseases like Parkinson’s, many researchers are looking for treatments. The work on stem cells will probably one day cure the 3 million or so patients in France. This research, carried out head-on by many institutes around the world, aims to change the lives of patients and their loved ones. In order to highlight the most promising “biotech” companies, the Galien MedStartup Prize is organising an awards ceremony. Given the health context, this event, which took place in Boston, was held in virtual format. So, on October 26th, TreeFrog Therapeutics, a young biotech from Pessacaise of cell therapy, received the precious award…

TreeFrog Therapeutics Speech after receiving the Galien MedStartup Award – Source TreeFrog Therapeutics

TreeFrog Therapeutics, an innovative mass production project for cell therapies

This award in the category “Biopharmaceutical Industry” recognizes the work of TreeFrog Therapeutics over several years. He is working with Harvard Stem Cell Institute and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute on this ambitious project. QC-Stem is a solution for mass production of cell therapy based on 3D stem cell culture. The evaluation of pluripotent stem cells produced with proprietary C-Stem technology thus demonstrates its effectiveness. This aspect has been evaluated in particular by the FBRI in Kobe (Japan), the Imagine Institute in Paris. The global cell therapy industry has seen a significant increase in investment. In the first half of 2020, it was $7.5 billion globally, 387% higher than in the same period in 2019.

Stem cell treatment research
Laboratory research can be used to find treatments with stem cells.

Indeed, the demand is much greater, with a need to produce large volumes of high quality and low-cost therapeutic cells. TreeFrog Therapeutics’ offer then makes perfect sense, with four major axes. The quality of the cells, first of all. With a biomimetic 3D culture system, iPSC viability is assured. This preserves the genomic integrity of the cells. The clinical development of these cells is faster, thus meeting the immediate needs of the industry. In addition, the costs are lower. Through a semi-automated process, the need for full-time equivalent (ETP) is divided by 10. Produce more, and produce better, a true disruptive technology. In addition, scaling and reproducibility are ensured, with the combination of high-speed cellular encapsulation and automated standard bioreactors. A process that allows the amplification and differentiation of stem cells.

Rewarding the best Franco-American pharmaceutical collaborations

Thanks to this award and the progress of research on the production of more resistant and numerous stem cells… TreeFrog Therapeutics brings a real upheaval with concrete solutions for genetic diseases like Parkinson’s. With the distinction of the Galien Foundation and Business France, the neo-Aquitaine company is already aiming to shape its future in Boston. Indeed, it wants to develop a Hub to continue its research with key partners. Currently in France, more than 1000 researchers, doctors and engineers are taking part in this cause. With more than 580 clinical studies underway, all want to advance treatments, and cure rare and orphan diseases. A constant battle, with glimmers of hope carried by companies like TreeFrog Therapeutics.

Scientific and medical research is particularly intense in Bordeaux and New Aquitaine. The aim is to be able to help people with diseases, or more recently COVID-19, including tools for management via simulation. Medical innovation led by companies such as SimForHealth,for example or FineHeart,allows progress to be made for pathologies… Like heart failure, a serious condition for more than 500,000 people in France…


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  2. Imagine Institute
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