The Central Finance Fund launches a platform dedicated to professionals

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Today, almost 30% of the real estate credit market share of individuals goes through brokers, while the records of professionals are mainly managed by banks. A net divide that the Central Finance wants to mitigate by proposing new solutions to professionals, through an analysis platform for those who are looking for financing for the creation, takeover of a business or the development of their business.

A central site for professional funding needs

The project developed by the Central Finance Fund intervenes on a large majority of financing needs such as professional real estate, commercial funds or leasing, frequently requested by professionals. This platform allows to accompany project owners, whether they are craftsmen, traders, or entrepreneurs, at the head of TPE as smes or large companies, “in the analysis of their file and the search for professional or private credit”.

In order to access this “analysis platform”, professionals have three possibilities, notably via a dedicated number, but also through the various agencies present throughout the country or thanks to the information on the website of the Central Finance. The objective of the Central is to offer clients full support of the entire financing process, with regular contact available to answer the client’s questions: progress, study of the solution most favorable to the project owner according to his needs.

The Central Finance, in particular in Bordeaux, intends to energize the Bordeaux economy and gradually eliminate traditional divisions by connecting experts with a dual vision of the market and banks, in order to guarantee customers an optimization of the time frames to meet their expectations.

Thus, on their website, the professional can inform the nature of the project, the time of the project (less than 3 months, 6 months, or beyond), but also the sector of activity in which he works, the name and the legal form, among others. Regarding financing, the professional selects his financing needs (right to lease, professional premises…), the total investment amount. He then informs his personal contributions which allows to calculate the need for funding, with a description of the project.

A diversified market really looking for new players?

In Bordeaux, banks and brokers are very numerous. But despite everything, within the Bordeaux economy, there are a few agencies that offer the financing of real estate credit for professionals, such as MACSF (Mutual Insurance of the French Health Corps), SOFINCO or the Bordeaux Finance Centre. Companies that take the side of transparency, also offering offers at the “best market rates”. They offer professionals shortened deadlines, and comprehensive follow-up with benefits that are attractive to them, where banks are running out of steam.  Banks offering the most advantageous rates are much more in demand, and are increasing their processing times.

The proposal of the Central Finance can therefore be an attractive alternative for professionals, beyond the existing banking offers. Enough to diversify the opportunities.


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