The centralization of administrative services among health professionals

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The management of administrative services is an important task, especially in medical practices. The management of appointments can thus be a full-time activity, carried out by a secretary. This is all the more true if the practice is occupied by several doctors. You must then be able to dispatch appointments with each practitioner. In the medical field, the majority of tasks are time-consuming, and limit for some professionals the time available to actually practice.

Managing administrative tasks in medical practices

Some health professionals do not have a secretary to accommodate patients and manage administrative tasks. This adds a significant amount of work to them, as it is necessary to take over the administrative in addition to consultations. To reduce the workload of doctors, while reducing management costs, some companies offer their solutions.

This includes the services of Meditrina Santé, which manages the third-party payment for health professionals. With the support of tailor-made solutions tailored to the needs of physicians, time and resource management is facilitated. This allows you to refocus on your field and to focus on human contact over recurring tasks.

This assistance, which can be put in place, is adapted to the needs of doctors, so that its integration is immediate and effective. The tools offered allow to take charge of administrative management with mutuals, the management of appointments, or even prescriptions.

Operations to be renewed for each patient and which, put end to end, take up an important part of the time of doctors. According to a study conducted by Statista in May 2019, doctors have quite busy weeks. They spend an average of 44.4 hours with their patients, 5.4 hours managing administrative tasks and coordinating. They also work to develop their knowledge about 2 hours a week. With the use of a management solution, this would allow them to significantly reduce the time ed deductible for administration.

In New Aquitaine, the organization of health professionals is essential

According to a 2018 Statista study, New Aquitaine is the third French region with the most general practitioners. At the time, it had 8,428 doctors, behind the Ile-de-France (14,772 doctors) and the Auvergne Rhônes-Alpes (10,812 doctors).

New Aquitaine has excellent medical coverage, and some of the best hospitals in France. During the peak of COVID-19, the region was home to infected people from other regions. For all health professionals, this crucial period had to be entirely dedicated to the care of patients. A period when the use of management assistance frees up more time.

The role of health professionals, which has always been essential, has taken on an additional dimension with the pandemic that the world is going through. The influx of suffering people requires a review of its entire organization, while including new health measures. To limit contact with only the patient and his doctor, the use of a computer solution allows to optimize his time.


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