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The Mechanical Industries Technical Centre, also known as Cetim, operates in the fields of research and industry. This carnot-labelled technology institute is the French centre of mechanical expertise. It is the research and development instrument for nearly 6,500 mechanical companies. To do this, Cetim, together with its associated centres and subsidiaries, brings together two thirds of engineers and technicians. All this for 150 million euros of sales achieved. An entity for the future mechanical industry, Cetim made a rapprochement with New Aquitaine at the Global Industries show in March 2019. By paralleling this, the Neo-Aquitaine territory is showing its ambition towards the competitiveness of companies.

Institut Carnot, a label to promote synergies

Delivered for a period of 4 years, by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and Innovation, the Carnot label of excellence aims to promote partnership research between public laboratories and socio-economic actors. Among them, companies are a prime target. Thus, it allows a company to exploit the results of public research. To do this, the label grants an operating license or a sale of securities. The Carnot label must therefore meet a strict specifications. It combines scientific excellence, network effect and the importance of technological influence.

Designed from the German model and Fraunhofer institutes, Carnots Institutes function as traditional research laboratories. They take as a guarantee of dynamism and quality the number of PhD students. On the contrary, Fraunhofer Institutes are German research laboratories. Their mission is to develop research projects applied to the industrial needs of the public or private sector. Their business model relies more on engineers and higher education graduates. Less about PhD students. The labelled institutions, called the Carnot Institutes, operate on a particular business model. The National Research Agency thus provides funding based on the volume of revenue from research contracts with their partners, especially companies. Cetim, along with 38 other companies, is one of the companies selected to be labelled Carnot.

Cetim, at the heart of New Aquitaine’s innovation ecosystem

The innovation potential of SMEs and ETIs remains unresolved thanks to new collaborations between the Industrial and Technological Fabric of New Aquitaine and translational research centres. Operational excellence allows us to better understand the risks associated with the deployment of a product or the application of a new product.
Initiated by the dynamics of the Regional Scheme of Higher Education, Research and Innovation for New Aquitaine dating back to 2017, the New Aquitaine Region represented by Alain Rousset and Cetim by Emmanuel Vieillard, signed a partnership agreement on 19 June 2019 on the Paris Air Show. The objective is to lead major industrial projects or multi-partner research and development projects in the Territory of New Zealand.

Cetim and New Aquitaine for knowledge sharing for the economy
Cetim is a partner of choice for technology transfer and knowledge sharing in the service of the economy.

With the presence of four Carnot technology institutes on the Bordeaux campus, the local innovation ecosystem already knows the benefits of scientific-industrial structuring. Especially since the collaborations between the two entities are not new. Indeed, in April 2018, an agreement was reached between Cetim and the New Aquitaine Region for regional industrial development following the recent establishment of Cetim in New Aquitaine in Pau.

The scope of the partnership agreement revolves around three priority areas for improvement. On the agenda: strengthening the skills of theregional innovation ecosystem; or the implementation of collaborative and collective innovation and transfer projects combining business, market and technology approaches. Finally, the convention continues the process already initiated over the past five years by Cetim, the Region and the regional ecosystem. Notably through the support of companies in anticipation of technological and non-technological changes.

A new industry of excellence to be developed with Cetim

In order to improve the industrial performance of companies, the Region and Cetim have many points of convergence. As a result, they are working together on key regional strategic priorities. As a member of the Alliance for theIndustry of the Future,the Mechanical Industries Technical Centre has all the legitimacy required. In particular, it is necessary to promote regional companies in the value chains of the sectors. This action is part of the same logic of developing manufacturing within the regional sectors of excellence. This approach is linked to the Regional Economic Development and Internationalization Scheme (SRDEII).

In addition, Bordeaux research had already been put in the spotlight in 2016. She had then become the “Carnot Springboard” pilot in the field of Cognition. In continuity, New Aquitaine wishes to highlight a sector of excellence dedicated to the Control of the Future. To do this, she wants to work in collaboration with Cetim Sud-Ouest.

The technological institutes in New Aquitaine work to bring together the actors of public research and the socio-economic world. Their objective is clear: to accelerate the transition from research to innovation and to increase the transfer of technologies to Bordeaux’s economic players. Thus, as the regional operator of the “industry of the future”, Cetim must be able, as part of the partnership with New Aquitaine, to strengthen the skills of companies and their technological transfer in a diverse universe.



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