An eco-responsible winery at the heart of the Margaux appellation (video)

Wine, ecology and responsible production… Wine production is part of sustainable innovation. Château Cantenac Brown, the Margaux appellation, wants to put eco-responsibility at the heart of its production, with a zero-carbon winery. Evolve your techniques as well as the aromas of your wines… Reconnecting consumers and wine with nature and soils… More than an issue, it is a strong will for Château Cantenac Brown.

Château Cantenac Brown is an innovative Bordeaux estate with a Zero Carbon Chai – Source Château Cantenac Brown

The inauguration of an innovative winery for wines “listening to the Earth”

Thus, the Château Cantenac Brown offers a concept unique in the world: a cellar in raw earth. This ambitious project is a response to new environmental and environmental challenges in the wine industry. A project driven by the recent acquisition of Tristan Le Lous and José Sanfins, in 2019, concerned about the impact of wine production on nature. Thus, this totally new winery aims for a zero carbon operation. It has three objectives: to build on the existing, not to distort the landscape and not to “artificialize” the soils. Using an ancestral design technique, Château Cantenac Brown shows its respect for the land, its pride. Through the design of this eco-responsible winery, it is the desire to have an environmental quality requirement driven by the commitment of the owners of the place.

The winery, with an area of 5000 m2, which combines modernity and durability, will be a real technical feat. The historic buildings remain identical, and are not distorted by the works. The new constructions, on the other hand, are made with untreated natural materials: raw earth and solid aquitaine wood. A use of local natural raw materials to promote regional production. The Aquitaine forest is one of the most important in the country, and allows for real estate construction. In short, innovation allows the development of wine production, and encourages other fields to follow this example. Wine evolves over time, techniques following advances and new environmental issues.

The Domaine de Cantenac Brown innovates with a Chai “Zero Carbon”. – Photographs Château Cantenac Brown

Wines closer to nature

Wine and its culture have changed a lot in recent years. Starting with organic wine growing. To grow these special wines, the estates do not use non-natural treatment products, so as not to alter the quality of the soil. It is a long process, but it is attracting more and more consumers. Consumers are increasingly interested in the quality and production of what they consume, beyond taste. Although traditional wines continue to be successful, these new wines that listen to the Earth are gradually becoming attractive and settle in the cellars. Others go even further and do not use any animal treatment processes. The so-called vegan wine still occupies a niche market, but could also develop, like organic.

Bordeaux wines are famous in the world, despite some market vagaries. These are must-see productions, attracting lovers of tastings and discoveries. Taking into account ecological and environmental issues, Bordeaux’s wineries hope to inspire and attract more. The totally innovative winery of Château Cantenac Brown then has everything to prove, so that Bordeaux seduces, again.


Château Cantenac Brown unveils a unique eco-responsible winery project,Press release, November 2020

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