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Citymapper x Zoov, the partnership at the service of mobility

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Citymapper and Zoov are both major players in urban mobility. Highlighting various alternatives, Citymapper offers reliable routes to city dwellers via an easy-to-use mobile app. Zoov is a self-service electric bike company in Paris and Bordeaux. Having the same values, Citymapper and Zoov have joined forces to offer more solutions to users of the Citymapper application. Zoov is therefore more in line with a reference in terms of eco-responsible mobility.

Indeed, green mobility seems to be the solution for a more eco-responsiblefuture. Thus, promoting less polluting modes of transport is important for reducing greenhouse gas emissions with irreparable consequences on the planet.

Citymapper and Zoov, the actors of the mobility of city dwellers

Citymapper is the referencetransport application for city dwellers. Indeed, it offers urban routes and travel with ease. Created in 2011 by Amat Yusuf,it becomes one of the most used mobile applications. Covering for the moment the largest cities of each country, the application aims at all the main cities and thus guide users all over the world. Several routes are proposed by the application, taking into account all the means of transport available to users. Thus, the routes can be done by bike,bus, metro, tram, scooter,scooter, VTC and even car sharing. This allows users to choose their favorite mode of transport and the most suitable for their journey and desire. The app automatically calculates routes based on the starting position and the desired end position.

Zoov Citymapper bike mobility app
Citymapper and Zoov, bring new ways to get around.

Zoov is an app available on IOS and Android and allows users to use self-service electric bikes. Indeed, after creating his account, city dwellers can find a Zoov bike near their geographical location. So just unlock the bike to enjoy a ride for 0,20 € per minute. The application also allows the user to benefit from a GPS service and offers routes via bike paths in particular. For the moment, Zoov electric bikes are located in the south of Greater Paris,along the southern branches of the RER B. They are also available everywhere in the city of Bordeaux. This makes it possible to enjoy it as much for walking as for making daily trips.

The two mobility players are therefore allying themselves to share their common services. Thus, users of the Citymapper app will be able to complete their routes with Zoov bikes. A partnership under the sign ofeco-responsibility,promoting the taking of so-called “green” transport.

Green mobility, a big step for the environment

Air pollution is mainly caused by the transport sector. For example, individual transport accounts for a considerable proportion of this pollution. In 2019, passenger cars emitted 51% of emissions from the transport sector, i.e. 69.5 million tonnes of CO2 and therefore greenhouse gases. Indeed, there has been an increase in the use of private cars, creating major traffic jams in built-up areas in particular. This is a real ecological disaster and has an irreversible impact on the environment. In particular, some people use their cars to make short trips.

This is why public transport is to be preferred as far as possible. Indeed, it makes it possible to avoid taking one’s car and therefore to emit greenhouse gases individually. Apart from the ecological aspect, this also saves time. Indeed, metros, trams and trains are not subject to traffic jams and therefore save time. It also promotes physical activity. It is indeed more economical to take the bike to make short trips in particular or to go to the place of work.

Green mobility also applies to electric cars. Indeed, the Government has put in place aid available to French people wishing to replace their car in favour of an electric car. Thus, the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus are combined and can go up to € 12,000. Enough to think about changing cars…


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