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Updated on 6 October 2020

Art is omnipresent in Bordeaux. Between museums, exhibitions, theatres, cinemas, concerts and festivals, Bordeaux has no shortage of opportunities to entertain themselves while enriching their culture. And for good reason, it was in 2013 that Belle Endormie was ranked second as the largest artistic city in France by the Journal des Arts (1). The Bordeaux theatre does not fail to evolve, taking up the classical codes of theatre and adding a certain modernity that sticks to the active life of the spectators. now, the afterwork also goes into artistic mode. It is necessary to cross the world of work and pleasure if employees are to be more efficient.

Bordeaux’s deedance in the service of art

From François Mauriac to Jean Anouilh, many writers and playwrights have marked the cultural history of the city of Bordeaux with their presence.

In Bordeaux, culture occupies a central place because it is at the at the heart of economic, social, educational and civic development. Bordeaux has many places of cultural events. In 2015, the city had 70 theatre companies and 10 theatres, including a National Drama Centre. Among them, the National Theatre Bordeaux Aquitaine (TNBA) and the Femina Theatre. In 2015, these four theatres alone had 120,000 spectators.

According to the codes of classical theatre, the performances offered in Bordeaux theatres are updated by mixing the various eras and theatrical genres. Bordeaux theatres do not fail to foster a culture of proximity by valuing local structures. This will add extra exposure to the CUB. It is also the project of the brand new Theater of Mérignac, L’AfterWork Theatre: coupler theatre and local business. Art was then invited into business.

Art and afterwork theatre to reveal personalities how teambuilding
Art puts itself at the service of business using the logic of teambuilding for afterworks out of the ordinary.

The AfterWork Theatre, “business parts”

The AfterWork Theatre opened its doors in January 2020 in Mérignac. At the helm is Bruno Rost, entrepreneur and co-director of WorldCastPMI who designs software and products for the media world. It is also within its factory that the AfterWork theatre is sheltered. A special place for plays with particular art. Starting at 7 p.m., the 120-seat conference room will be transformed into a theatre. Et gives the La of plays on the theme of the world of work against a background of famous plays.

After the performance, the various actors and guests are invited to exchange around the business sphere.

The art of playing a better role in your company

Always with the idea of crossing the world of work and pleasure, and creating links between individuals of a company, the team building is experiencing significant growth. A method that appeared in France in the 1980s. She aims to strengthen the cohesion of a team within a company while having fun. In this context, teaItis an art that echoes thismotivaiton. A team in business must be united just as a troupe of actors must know each other in order to play better together.

Teambuilding activities are multiplying, in order to offer new experiences. Among the most popular experiences of escape game sessions, track games, treasure hunts... These will create a real group dynamic. Beyond that, it is also a way to better understand the personalities of each employee. The aim is to be able to optimize their work and the group’s integration co-ord.

The Bordeaux region never ceases to amaze us. The AfterWork Theatre breathes new life into the city’s theatres with a quirky artistic line that blends humour and work. An excellent reason for Bordeaux to get out of their homes by discovering new businesses and expanding their networks.



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