Alliant Capital: Real Estate and Investment are not experiencing the crisis in the United States

Real estate in the United States has a somewhat different side to the situation in France. Alliant Capital, based in Woodlands Hills, California, is one of the top syndicators in the country. Its growth and the expertise of its employees allow it to intervene in all facets of US real estate. In recent years, on the national territory, the demand for affordable real estate has exploded. Extremely expensive rents and a particularly high cost of living also contribute to deepening social inequalities. In this environment, Alliant Capital is developing the financing of affordable and multi-family rental housing. A lasting solution to immediate needs.

The observation of an unequal situation on the national territory

The price of real estate is particularly important across the country. In larger cities, rents are high, and not accessible to all households. It is for this reason that Alliant Capital wishes to develop more affordable rental housing. In order to provide an accessible solution to households with lower incomes. Indeed, for example, renting a room in shared accommodation varies depending on the city where you are. In medium-sized cities, the rent is around $ 1,500. In Los Angeles, and New York, the rents are approximately $ 1,750 and $ 2,200 respectively. But the prize goes to San Francisco. Indeed, the Californian city offers rents at around $ 3,350 per month. In addition to health costs which are also high, finding decent housing quickly becomes a challenge.

Alliant Capital therefore seeks to connect all the players in real estate construction (developers, investors, etc.) in order to expand the real estate offer on North American soil. For this, the group relies on several essential axes of its activity. From the origin of construction projects, through acquisitions and underwriting, Alliant Capital is a central interlocutor. It takes into account aspects of real estate construction, asset management and also the relationship with investors. This latter division is also counting on the new appointment of Drew Foster as Senior Vice-President. In order to guarantee a quality service and a totally transparent relationship, Alliant Capital chooses to surround itself only with experts with solid experience in the field. A guarantee of excellence, in an environment where inequalities are growing.

Real Estate City San Francisco, California
San Francisco is one of the cities with the highest real estate prices.

Alliant Capital, at the service of American households

Thus, the experience of Alliant Capital provides real solutions to the needs of households. In order to know the data of the different States, the company is established everywhere, which allows it to create a local environment. Real estate in the United States is not what it is in France. If in cities like Paris or Bordeaux , the price of rents remains rather high, it is nothing compared to the American rents.

Indeed, for example, a one-bedroom apartment in downtown New York costs about $ 3,300, or 144% more expensive than in Paris. Moving away from the city center, the rent is lower, but still high: $ 2,025. That is 108% more expensive than in Paris. But the challenge of Alliant Capital is above all to address families. And for this type of home, prices are soaring. For a 3 bedroom apartment in downtown New York, the average rent is $ 6,910. That is 127% more expensive than an accommodation of equivalent size in Paris.

Despite high prices and a particular situation in the United States, real estate does not seem to be in crisis. Indeed, the demand for more affordable housing is not weakening, and is felt in the increase in the activity of groups like Alliant Capital. These real estate players are turning to important market sectors, and rely on their network to meet the needs. Needs that do not weaken, on the contrary, as winter approaches.


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