New Aquitaine companies at the Paris International Food Show

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Updated on 09/30/2020

The International Food Show took place in Paris between 21 and 25 October 2018. The opportunity to bring together 7,200 exhibitors from 119 countries around innovation related to agri-food. For example, 42 companies from New Aquitaine accompanied by AANA, the New Aquitaine Food Agency, have moved to exhibit their products and innovations.

ANAA for agri-food companies

The New Aquitaine Food Agency is responsible for the quality, promotion of agricultural and agri-food products in the region. Indeed, theregion is the first region on these two sectors in France. In thisway, it must have an effective tool to support regional companies. Therefore, thereare three missions and are defined:

  • The implementation and development of a regional strategy for the SIQO (Quality and Origin Identification Sign) streams of the region. The aim is to provide a response to the expectations of the market and society and the coordination and support of the territorial structuring quality approaches undertaken by the organised production channels.
  • Communication and promotion aimed at developing the image and awareness of the region’s products among consumers and prescribers at the local, national and international level. Education and awareness of taste and food balance.
  • Thesupport and promotion of agricultural, agri-food, maritime and wine companies in the region in France and abroad, through the organisation or accompaniment of trade shows or meetings on a professional or general public. The aim is to promote all means that enable a better supply of products from the regional quality sectors.



“So innovation”, new Aquitaine businesses for the good of all with food

“So Innovation” is a showcase dedicated to the innovative products of New Aquitaine companies. The aim is to highlight these products at international events. This opportunity is therefore open to regional companies of all sizes. Pour summary,innovation must focus on several criteria of agri-food. Among these criteria are the recipe or the composition of the product. In addition, we find packaging, marketing positioning, manufacturing process or service associated with the product. In 2018, 109 products from 51 companies were selected for the SO Innovation. This showcase offers a high profile on the SIAL in Paris. As well communications media willincrease this visibility (digital communications, social networks, catalogues…)

The innovations therefore cover four categories:

  • Aroundthe concepts of nutrition, health, nature, clean label we find So Healthy
  • For gourmet recipes and new flavours we find So Pleasure
  • Inaddition to innovations in terms of packaging, uses, design we find So Easy
  • For the valuation of regional raw materials, traditional recipes revisited we find So Terroir

SIAL, a major event dedicated to agri-food and food

So le International Food Show is a trade show for the food industry. This is the world’s first food event. Held between October 21 and October 25, 2018, the show attracted the world. As a result, some figures have emerged from this international event:

  • 7200 exhibitors from 119 countries
  • More than 310,000 professionals
  • 73% international visitors (approximately 200 countries)
  • 650 start-ups
  • 2355 innovations nominated for the SIAL Innovation Grand Prizes
  • 135 delegations, 26 members of governments
  • More than half of the exhibitors have already booked their participation in SIAL 2020.

The agri-food sector is entering a major phase of change. That’s why SIAL is a unique and comprehensive mix of food experience. As a result, aWith a 10% increase in the number of new products presented, the share of agri-food innovations is increasingly important for consumers, distributors and manufacturers.


On the occasion of SIAL, 42 companies from New Aquitaine made the trip to exhibit their products and innovations. For 5 days, professional visitors from around the world discovered these companies gathered on the regional collective space and accompanied by the ANAA. On a stand of 628 m2, 6 sectors were highlighted:

  • Drinks
  • Deli meats
  • The deli
  • The regions of France
  • Poultry
  • Organic products

The New Aquitaine region, agricultural region

Indeed Europe’s leading agricultural region, New Aquitaine has major competitiveness issues. Regional agriculture is at the forefront of innovation. TheRegion’s support continues to develop agriculture committed to ecological transition. HasWith 77,000 employees in 12,000 establishments, the agri-food sector is a strategic sector. Innovation is a key challenge for our businesses to position themselves regionally, nationally and internationally.

In New Aquitaine, companies in the sector therefore have the means to innovate. But they also have the potential to be put forward by regional bodies such as New Aquitaine Food Agency and SO Innovation. Le SIAL, International Food Show is the showcase of the food world. So, in presenting their products in Paris, companies in the region are once again proving their professionalism. They can show the quality and excellence of the Region while exposing their desire for innovation for tomorrow.

Continue food innovation in New Aquitaine

In other words, the agri-food sector is constantly changing. Lately there has been a digital revolution (3) . The New Aquitaine region has set up Call for Manifestation of Interest (AMI) (4). This call will allow us to identify, select and support innovative projects carried out by the players in the sector. In short, this action aims to improve the innovation capabilities of the regional agri-food industries as well as develop their performance and competitiveness.

For example, the themes of the 2020 edition are health nutrition, nature and clean label, practicality, use, “smart” and “ecological” packaging, sensoriality and consumer experience valuing regional raw materials and reducing food losses. Thus, it concerns agri-food companies based in New Aquitaine and incorporated as commercial companies or cooperatives engaged in their main activity in the processing or storage-packaging of agricultural and/or food products.

Open since July 3, 2020 interested companies have until November 6, 2020 at 12 o’clock to file their application. However, we will have to wait until December 2020 to get the results. On this date we will know which projects are selected. It is very likely that we will see the emergence of innovation projects in response to the health crisis.

Kevin HEUGAS – BORDEAUX Business


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