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Organizing a corporate event has become common. Promotional evening on the occasion of the launch of a product or service, seminar, event with customers or partners or even event team building to bring together its team, opportunities are not lacking and require time, organization and above all space. In order to facilitate this sometimes titanic work, companies like Snap Event have taken a stand in France to take care of the organization of these events that have an essential impact in the lives of customers. Founded in 2014 by Maud Arditti and Olivier Levy, Snap Event is a growing company, which, following its growing success, has embarked on a 3 million euro fundraiser to follow the opportunities available to it. This fundraiser also strengthens the software put in place by the company, which wants to improve its skills via Machine Learning.

An unusual offer “Keys in hand”

Most companies located in a large metropolis choose to be in small offices for budget or lack of available space. Indeed, in cities like Bordeaux, it is not easy to have an office large enough to have its own room dedicated to events. In addition, the organization of an event is more striking in a different setting than the company’s premises. It is also an indispensable element for a company whose premises would be a little out of the way and difficult to access. To date, Snap Event has many references available for rent for corporate events, from industrial-style lofts to castles, from luxurious villas to barges… unusual places in the heart of France’s major cities.

Bordeaux Business Reception Room

Through customer exchanges, Snap Event can suggest locations that are appropriate for the type of event, the number of guests scheduled, but also the budget set. The company also offers its services in the organization of complementary services such as catering, on-site entertainment or the decoration of the reception venue. An offer that aims to be turnkey, in order to simplify the customer as much as possible. However, Snap Event offers personalized follow-up throughout the organization so that the client company can have a permanent look at the implementation and make adjustments. Building on its success over the first four years of its existence, the company has chosen to continue its development by moving to three new geographical areas in Lyon, Bordeaux or the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region.

A market on the rise

In Bordeaux, companies are taking advantage of the new neighbourhoods that are emerging for the installation of offices, such as the Euratlantiquedistrict, the new Paludate or the development of the Basins in Flot. However, for their events like those stated above, space is needed and the new offices available in the corporate real estate market do not allow this. Although trade shows such as SIMI are an opportunity to exchange around corporate real estate and construction opportunities in the sector, the possibilities of buildable spaces are not multiplying. For companies, Bordeaux is a market with potential and more opportunities, which makes Belle Endormie more attractive. Large companies such as Ubisoft, BetClic or OVH have decided to move to the capital of Girona, motivated by its dynamism and reassured by the French Tech Label, obtained in 2014.

Château Reception Bordeaux Business

From the point of view of charming real estate, the Bordeaux region is not lacking. Indeed, thanks to the numerous wineries, Bordeaux is endowed with magnificent castles much appreciated for private events. Moreover, in the heart of the city, there are also charming places unknown to the general public because they belong to private individuals, lofts, villas or even barges. The Bordeaux metropolis therefore offers companies reception places for all kinds of events that are unusual and intimate to spend an unforgettable and memorable evening, both for the team and for the guests.

Any company that wishes to organize its event can turn to event companies like Snap Event that take care of everything from booking the room to decorating taking into account all the criteria of the client company. In major metropolises such as Bordeaux, the organization of an event, whether for a team building seminar or for a product launch with customers or business partners, must be prepared in advance, to succeed in finding the ideal venue at the desired time.



SNAP EVENT press release – November 2018

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