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The French Federation of Assistant and Secretariat Trades (FFMAS) is organising its 14th congress at the Mercure Hotel located next to Mérignac airport on Friday, March 16. The FFMAS brings together all the players in the function of the secretariat-assistanat, and regularly organizes regional congresses with the aim of discussing the evolution of the function. A true information hub for the function, FFMAS prides itself on constant development through its commitment to function, and its desire to bring a voice and follow-up of practices to professionals.

The FFMAS brings together many players in the function to better defend it

The FFMAS represents all professionals of the secretariat-assistanat at national and international level, it is also the preferred interlocutor between all private or public actors. With more than 600 members, the profession encompasses a large group of functions, ranging from secretariats to administrative managers to decision-makers such as human resources management. The two major national events register more than 5000 participants per year.

Increasing visibility and valuing the profession are real challenges for all these professionals who, through the federation, find a tool for exchange and mutualization of practices. The federation welcomes independent actors but also national and foreign associations, with the aim of exchanging and discovering French and foreign practices.

The sharing of practices allows the function to be permanently adapted to the market and practices of the sector, which is constantly changing. The FFMAS also lists the many trainings and certifications that are available to professionals, making the federation the main information centre for everything related to the function. Partnerships with training centres ensure a constant look at the courses linked to the secretariat. The aim is also to welcome new players and practices with greater ease and understanding of the issues.

The meeting is the place of exchange and information on new practices and training

The 14th Congress takes place at the Mercure Hotel, located near Mérignac airport. The president of the National Federation, Sophie Nouvel, and the president of the Regional Federation, Marie-France Rychener, open the congress at 9 a.m., where several conferences punctuate the day. Introduction to new digital training and practices are planned throughout the day, as well as the return of the prospective study conducted by sociologist François Garnier. This study illustrates the changes in training offerings and the value of these courses and qualifications in the secretariat-assistanat market.

The digital issue and the future development of the profession are at the rendezvous of this congress. Adapting the function within the company’s organization makes the profession an important player in its ecosystem, with roundtable discussions allowing business leaders and stakeholders to express their expectations about their vision as the assistant of tomorrow. Maeva Chelly, Assistant Marketing and Communications Officer of Microsoft France, will discuss new uses of digital technology. Good digital practices are constantly followed and adapting to them ensures the sustainability of the company’s digital issues.

The secretariat-assistanat is supported by many partners who are illustrating the consideration of the function. ONISEP, for the updating of training, the Employment Centre for the link with the market for job seekers or the Voltaire project, which works on the upgrading of spelling, are among the partners of the Federation. Bordeaux Business is also one of the partners of this event.

With the constant advances in digital and new technologies, there is no doubt that the profession of assistantship is bound to evolve even further, and again… A key element at the heart of the company, a factor of success, and strategically generating business.


Yoann Saget – Bordeaux Business




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