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All current economic sectors are being crossed by a digitalization movement. This inescapable movement raises many questions on the part of companies: how to approach digital transformation? How to implement it? Are digital transformation and digital transformation comparable? To support this movement, the business consulting professions have a role to play with all economic players. With this in mind, the Professional Chamber of the Council (CPC) in New Aquitaine promotes and represents the interests of independent consultants in the region. Bordeaux Business went to the CPC General Assembly on 20 June at the Bordeaux Unitec offices in Pessac. Olivier Hugues, the president of the CPC and a member of the etico consulting firm, was able to review the challenges that await this trade.

Distinguishing digital transformation and digital transformation

Until then, the phenomenon of digital transition was mainly understood from the point of view of skills and the labour market. One of the new features is B2B services to facilitate this digital transformation.

The first pitfall facing consulting professions is the educational need of French companies in terms of digital culture. While digital means new opportunities for companies whose performance is increasingly linked to their digital strategy, they do not always distinguish between digital transformation and digital transformation. Indeed, according to a study by the European Commission in 2018, France is ranked 2nd for the digital sector but only 18th in terms of digitalisation. For example, spending on cloud computing correspond to an operational business expense. However, a business leader or an executive does not reason in terms of usage. In order to get a clearer picture, companies can use the “diag data” digital diagnostic solutions set up by the BPI or medef diagnostics.

Digital, on the other hand, transforms convenience into added value. It thus reconfigures the external environment of companies (demand, competitive intensity) but also internal (process, organization). Consulting firms and consultants can support companies in three key stages of their digital transformation. First, on building and communicating a digital vision, consultants can guide companies in the right reasons to integrate digital into their business and especially to adapt it in their industry. Next, consultants can define the scope of the plan and the scope of the transformation, whether it involves the conduct of digital projects or a more comprehensive organizational restructuring. Finally, they can drive a more global digital transformation.

One of the most important issues for Medef and BCG in the question of France’s digital maturity is for the consulting world to help companies develop a data strategy to collect and exploit data in line with the legal framework. Among the brakes lifted is the overly narrow legal framework of the RGPD.

For a digital strategy in New Aquitaine

The digital strategy of companies is an issue that arises at all scales. As the consulting firm McKinsey points out, the term “digital capital” helps to understand France’s positioning relative to other countries on its ability to transform its digital capital into economic growth.

Proof of the importance of the subject, were present at the General Assembly of the CPC, Antoine Chotard in charge of digital transformation at ADI New Aquitaine and Calixte Blanchard, Head of the European Programs and Industrial Performance Division at the CCI Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Indeed, the ICC and ADI act as prescribers for the consulting trades. Even if they are not sellers, they influence the choice of companies. Their understanding of the change of business of consultants and their vision of digital transformation is therefore crucial.

Thus, the New Aquitaine region is concerned about the digital transformation of SMEs. For example, in 2018, a study entitled “Assessment of the digital maturity of New Aquitaine companies and recommendations for the development of a mutualised platform to accelerate the digital transformation of companies” was carried out throughout Bordeaux. Nearly 100 SMEs in New Aquitaine have been diagnosed with their level of economic maturity.

Enlightening the role of consulting firms in digital transformation makes it clear that this transition depends primarily on branches. In many cases, mismanagement of change or a misunderstanding of the issues and the real impact of this transition on the business can make an activity vulnerable. Organizations such as the Professional Chamber of the Council are therefore intended to offer digital tools to facilitate the activity of consultants and to train teams of consultants in lean management, for example.

Justine Angibaud – BORDEAUX Business


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