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On May 18, the law firm Cornet Vincent Ségurel organized the inauguration of his new firm, located in Bordeaux, on Camille Godart Street. An event where the employees of the other offices located in Paris, Nantes, Rennes, Lille and Lyon, but also the partners, clients and friends of the firm, met. An event that Bordeaux Business had the joy of attending.

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For 44 years, the Cornet Vincent Ségurel firm has been expanding, and the opening of this last office in Bordeaux, the first to be located below the Loire, is a good indicator, in the heart of one of the most active metropolises in France, of the dynamism of this consulting firm resolutely serving its clients.

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An inauguration for lawyers in style

During this evening where everyone could discover the interior of this elegant chartreuse called “Kercado”, in reference to the Marquis Louis-René, the Senechal de Kercado, decorated with style and sobriety, Anne PITAULT, recently appointed Director Lawyer in the Department of Social Law, was keen to take the floor to thank all those present, for the inauguration of this new firm, in a dynamic city like Bordeaux. Master Pitault practices in Bordeaux, and for the past 13 years has been working with international companies in social law. It also provides professional training sessions for executives, among others.

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Hubert BIARD continued with an emotional speech in which he correctly defined the key elements of the Cabinet’s success, citing in particular a man who is for him a true source of inspiration, the late Eric TABARLY:

“Trust is a major element: without it, no project succeeds.”

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Confidence and tradition

Thanks to the trust of customers, and companies that call on the services of the firm Cornet Vincent Ségurel, the latter can continue its growth and its influence beyond borders. Maître BIARD is an associate lawyer in Bordeaux, and intervenes in particular around mergers and acquisitions, corporate capital or tax issues, with fifteen years of experience.

He then left the floor to Jean-François PUGET, who joined the firm in 1997 and is now an associate lawyer in Paris, on business law issues, but also in contractual matters. The latter was able to highlight all the opportunities offered by the city of Bordeaux, with all the influence in New Aquitaine.

Finally, to close this speech, Philippe LOISEAU, Assistant Treasurer and Titular Member of the CCI of Bordeaux Gironde and the CCI Region New Aquitaine, wanted to thank all those present, and all of Cornet’s lawyers Vincent Ségurel for the growth of their firm, which now has 137 passionate lawyers.

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Southwest gastronomy in the spotlight at Cornet Vincent Ségurel

An elegant opening night, where the gastronomy of the South-West was in the spotlight, thanks to the good care of the teams of the caterer Lacoste, to the sound of the piano and light plays all smooth …

Anxious to be permanently involved in the development of the Bordeaux economy, the Bordeaux cabinet will start in June to welcome companies for training delivered in a bi-monthly way around topics such as the latest developments in the Labour Act or the right to disconnect.

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We wish the Firm Cornet Vincent Segurel a full success for this new Location in Bordeaux.

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