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Updated August 27, 2020 – A historical reference to the Arcachon Basin, Couach specializes in the design of luxury yachts. The shipyard, located in Gujan-Mestras, had limited its activity in recent months, but it seems that production has resumed. The manufacturer has just celebrated the launch of a new generation of yachts on June 27: the 1100 Couach line.

A first singular model

While Couach has announced a new generation that wants to be totally different from what could already exist in its market, a first model can verify the veracity of this statement. Indeed, the new line of yachts will not exceed 23 meters long, whereas the latter reference was until then the smallest reference marketed by the brand.

ENDLESS, the first model out of the building site, sets the tone immediately. With a sleek and sporty design, the eleven-metre boat is very distinct from previous models, allowing sailing on all waters, easily and quickly. Designed for outings with family or friends, the ENDLESS model offers living spaces that are suitable for relaxation while maintaining comfort, a key element that is the manufacturer’s trademark. Couach’s goal is to be able to break the codes, to detach himself from this classic image that stuck to his skin, by proposing a model that goes off the beaten track, nonconformist, in order to adapt to today’s consumers. With an electric yellow upholstery and powerful engines, the manufacturer’s latest product is a sensation.

Luxury, reinvented

On the Arcachon Basin, few have ever seen a Couach yacht. In December 2016, many curious people were able to approach the 4400 Fast Fly. A 44-metre-long yacht with finished and advanced features. Intense work to reduce noise pollution on board. The maximum reduction of vibrations during navigation, to ensure customers optimal comfort during outings.

Today, the new generation of yachts will retain the modern and uncluttered design that the latest models have also had, however, the novelty lies in the layout of the boat and in the technologies, always pushed to the maximum to promise future buyers a jewel of technology, combining speed and ergonomics. In addition, with two sunbathing areas, an outdoor kitchen and a cabin, ENDLESS also brings an intimate dimension, a cocoon on the water, ideal for day or weekend outings, greatly facilitated by the size of the boat.

The arrival of this new line of boats marked the beginning of a new era for Couach, founded in 1897. The order for two new yachts for the Cannes Boat Show next September also comes in this momentum of creation and renewal. One thing is for sure, Couach has added a new string to his bow. It may well attract a wider number of boaters than before. His yachts were then reserved only for a relatively elitist population.

The growth of luxury yachts continues

The COVID-19 crisis affected many industries in New Aquitaine. But for all that, tourism seems to have had a good summer. Couach continued its activity by completing the construction of a new 37-metre-long yacht. A yacht called the “Millesime” which, when it was launched on August 21, 2020, had already found a buyer. The lines of this new yacht are emblematic of the brand, and show its presence and positioning. A reputation that makes Couach a reference in luxury ship design, for individuals.


Couach press release – July 2018

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