Craftsmanship and gastronomy, safe values

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Crafts and gastronomy are values to which the French are particularly attached. It is also a reputation that follows France all over the world. Many tourists travel to France to discover French-style gastronomy in some of the best restaurants in the world. A strong reputation in New Aquitaine, and especially in the Bordeaux region. In addition to the famous fluted ones that enjoy a proven reputation in the world, there are other emblematic creations. Recipes particularly well kept, which move the crowds.

Cleverly kept creations, the recipe for success

Some iconic recipes make brands famous, beyond the expected success. This is the case, for example, of the “White Dunes” of small cabbages filled with whipped cream. This pastry, invented at Cap Ferret by Pascal LUCAS, has enjoyed a very high reputation, regularly causing impressive queues in front of the small pastry shop. An unexpected success that has made talk of him all over the country, making the address unavoidable. With this popularity, the creator of this gourmet recipe has made it his trademark, offering only this specialty. He has opened several shops in the Bordeaux region, and more recently in Paris.

On this same example, the Wells of Love of Maison Seguin. Historically based in Captieux, this brand has grown very quickly to open shops in Bordeaux. Light cabbage paste, topped with a light cream, like a cloud, the Wells of Love are a creation that has really seduced consumers. Building on its success, the brand now offers the order of pastries online, then a withdrawal in store. Its success is based on the culture of secrecy, that of its recipe that makes many Bordeaux people salivate.

They are both companies that have been able to create artisanal recipes, totally innovative, that have seduced the taste buds of consumers. Beyond the traditional aspect, they have managed to develop their notoriety by combining modernity with tradition. A work on their digitalization, allowing to order its products from home, without moving. This makes it easier to order, to be able to meet all requests, but also to encourage the purchase. Many customers are discouraged by a wait of 30 minutes or more to buy a pastry.

Craftsmanship, the art of know-how

Crafts appeal to the French and have an important role in the economy. Nationally, handicrafts affect 1.3 million businesses, according to APCMA statistics, in 2018. A sector that alone weighs 300 billion euros in sales, one of the largest in the national market. In fact, according to a study conducted by Le Monde des Artisans, in 2019, New Aquitaine is one of the most dynamic regions of crafts. With an activity representing 1.5% of the non-agricultural market fabric, it is behind the Ile de France (8.24%) and Burgundy Franche County (1.6%). A third place demonstrating regional dynamism, well above the national average (1%). If the handicraft attracts so much, it is above all for the know-how and skill of entrepreneurs, who do not find themselves in industrial manufacturing.

Among the sectors most represented by handicrafts, construction represents 48% of the tricolour companies. In Bordeaux, construction represents an important part of the activity, with the construction of habitable neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods more focused on green energy, and local services. The supply of office and business district construction is also growing in parallel, with increasing demand. This is followed by services (30%), manufacturing (13%) food (9%). Crafts therefore carries a promising market, with great opportunities for evolution. In Bordeaux, small designers also have their cards to play. Especially with tourists, who want to take with them a souvenir of the region. Shops allow these craftsmen to express themselves and offer for sale various creations.

A safe bet for a thoughtful purchase

The purchase of artisanal products allows self-entrepreneurs to support them who create unique products. More than a concept, creators constantly reinvent themselves, using techniques they master to perfection. A know-how that differentiates itself from industrial products and that appeals much more. Handmade soaps with multiple active ingredients, for example, allow to act on the cleansing of the skin by adapting to its type. Leather goods, costume jewellery or clothing… the number of creations is infinite. In Bordeaux, designer markets are held regularly to showcase their art. So many unique products, which delight all craft lovers in France and abroad.

What seems to appeal most to consumers of art and food products is the culture of secrecy. Do not reveal the recipe for creation, or the techniques used to propose unique achievements that intrigue and attract. A recipe that seems to please, given the national craft market. A market full of opportunities and skills to showcase, around the world.


White Dunes

Maison Seguin – The Well of Love in Captieux since 1952

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