Cycl’eau, the Business Show for Water Actors

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The Cycl’Eau Show, 2nd edition, is an event allowing the major players in the water cycle to create business opportunities and enhance the sector.

Water to create a bond

In Bordeaux, the show will take place on March 21 and 22, 2018, and is part of a development of the expectations of visitors and exhibitors. The success is such that the space of the show will be doubled, because the exhibitors are more numerous than for the first edition.

On the theme “Water and Territories”, the salon will be punctuated by workshops, private spaces made available for professionals and visitors in the context of private meetings but also by the conferences held and the demonstration of the various projects.

On April 12 and 13, 2017, the first edition of the Cycl’eau trade show, held at Hangar 14 in Bordeaux, attracted more than 760 visitors and 70 exhibitors. Following this success, the organizers decided to repeat the event in Bordeaux, but not only. Interest in this new meeting has raised a need in the Loire Rhine-Meuse watershed in Vichy. This creates a link between the two basins and encourages the different players in the water market, who meet at these fairs to exchange together on market issues.

Climate and connected living room

During the first edition of Cycl’eau, companies such as Socama and Fidal held conferences on the impact of climate change on water trades or the NOTRe Law and Compulsory Skills.

The credibility of the show is made as the editions are made in order to perpetuate it over time while finding the theme of the next, thanks to the feedback of exhibitors and visitors. In addition, the show decided to dematerialize its data by making everything accessible from its smartphone, from the registration on the show as an exhibitor or visitor, but also to see the location of the various stands, but also to register in the private spaces in order to meet professionals at business meetings. This digital shift is part of the show’s growth policy, but also in relation to the impact on ecology and the environment.

Exhibitors in numbers!

Companies also present their products at the show, the innovations of tomorrow such as the establishment by Bayard of a fire hydrant monitoring system, sometimes used fraudulently, to control the use of these poles in real time, or a patented odour valve, invented by the company Norham. The latter can block odours at 96% when harvesting stormwater.

Exhibitors are already very numerous. You can pre-register to exhibit here

We can therefore expect great innovations for the next editions, in an environment where innovation is constant and needs are ever greater.


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