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On September 12, in the Cité du Vin for Bordeaux, but also in Limoges or Niort, the JENA, that is, the Day of the Economy in New Aquitaine, was held.

From 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., the three cities were connected in triplexes to live an afternoon around digital and digital transitions for small and medium-sized enterprises in New Aquitaine.

The event, in partnership with the New Aquitaine region, but also the regional ICC, the Chamber of Agriculture of New Aquitaine and the Chamber of Trades and Crafts invited many entrepreneurs “witnesses” like Bruno ROST, the CEO of the company WorldCast Systems, present to exchange on their experiences and their turn in digital.

A programme rich in topics and exchanges, with also the presence of expert speakers such as Antoine CHOTARD, the agency ADI and the presence of stakeholders in the organization of the event, such as Alain Rousset, President of the Regional Council of New Aquitaine, or Jean-François CLÉDEL the current President of the CCI Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

After Alain Rousset’s opening speech, which aimed above all to set the scene by talking about digital in the regional economy, with all the opportunities that this “new” sector for many companies can generate, the triplex could really begin. With 3 speakers in each city, and a facilitator to energize the exchanges, the 500 or so participants spread over each city had every opportunity to ask their questions to all the stakeholders present: where almost all think that the digital transition is interesting for a company, just over half of them would be willing to implement it on behalf of their own company.

The aim is to show entrepreneurs who are still struggling to change that digital in a company is a shift that has become necessary to sustain its business, but also to encourage entrepreneurs interested in digital to “cross the line” and succeed in their transition.

The roundtable allows the various speakers invited to exchange around this theme, namely this digital transition for all SMEs in the region, live in Bordeaux, Limoges and Niort. Thus, the participants were able to have many answers to their questions and thus be reassured about the steps to follow and the regional support in this turning point.


No doubt this day is a sign of a step towards digital for many neo-Aquitaine companies…


Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business



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Economy Day

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